Zola (2020)
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"Y'all wanna hear a story about why me and this bitch fell out?...." A film adaptation of "Zola" King's epic Twitter thread from 2015.
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And now the personal review -

It's really weirdly discordant, when you think about it, to find a story that's basically about sex trafficking to be funny, but...it was. The filmmakers have made sure Zola had as much agency as possible - both on and off camera; they worked extensively with the real Zola King, and made her the film's Executive Producer. This is her story, all the way through, and she uses her brains and know-how to get herself out of what could have been an even scarier situation.

All the buzz is about Colman Domingo's role in this, but it actually was a little smaller than I thought it would be. He's great, absolutely, but he isn't as prominent as the buzz might suggest, I thought.
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Is this streaming somewhere or is it only in theaters?
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Seems to be only in theaters for the moment.
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I didn't think the movie works well as a movie. There's something missing at the center of it. Like in the twitter thread, that's a story being told well... and the movie is a story being told not so well. The film is a retelling without much tension.

Colman Domingo is good in whatever he's in. If you haven't seen him in Passing Strange, you are missing out.
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You can rent it on Amazon Prime now.

I felt the same was as Catblack -- the twitter thread works better than the movie. At first I wondered if it was just that I knew the story, but I went back to re-read the thread and it is still great and very suspenseful & surprizing. A'Ziah (Zola) King has a terrific voice and really uses the staccato quality of twitter to serve the story. The film misses out on that.

I thought the acting was great, though! Taylor Paige especially.
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I thought the point in the story where they ended it was kinda weird as well. It ends before the Twitter story ended.
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well just watched this last night! it was weird, it was disturbing (and yes, disjointed) but we liked it.

I really very much like the portrayal of Zola and her life. she's got a stable life, a good relationship, a head on her shoulders. yeah she gets bamboozled by Stefani, but she survives, on her own terms.

I also felt like the depiction of strippers/strip clubs etc., was a lot closer to reality than is generally seen in movies/tv. like the pole and floor dance moves, the general attitude. the only wrong note was strippers being friendly to a new dancer at their club. NOT my experience...

the ending was abrupt, but I suppose its pretty non-traditional source material? would recommend.
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