Leverage: Redemption: The Panamanian Monkey Job
July 8, 2021 7:47 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

With a new team member on board plus the arrival of Hardison's genius foster sister, the team heads to Panama to pull an elaborate heist before an evil billionaire can get his money and flee to a non-extradition country.

[Elliot beats down two RIZ mercs with his hardhat]
Harry: You the cavalry?
Eliot: [chuckles] You could say that.

Sophie: Mr. Maxwell wants his money so he can flee. Let us deprive him of escaping justice for turning patients into drug addicts.
Parker: Then we go... Let's go... Then we go steal...
Sophie: Let's go steal 20 million dollars.
Parker: Whoo!
Harry: Someone's going to have to explain this whole phrasing terminology thing to me.

[faint mechanical whine]
Eliot: You hear that? That's a very distinctive sound. [throws fruit at drone and crashes it]

Eliot: Is it a side gig? In our line of work, you're one of the best. But in that line of work...you're the only one, man. It's okay to grow up, realize you're not the person you used to be.
Hardison: You never grew up.
Eliot: Yeah. I achieved perfection pretty early, huh?
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Dammit Hardison. I knew they were adding little sister Breana as a regular but I didn't realize she was going to replace him as hacker, I thought she was just going to supplement him. I've so been enjoying the Eliot/Hardison scenes, there's more of a mellowness and open affection than there used to be. He better not be gone forever. Blarg.
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Hodge is "on loan" from 'City on the Hill' and was filming both at the same time, with 'Leverage' getting lower priority.

It looks like Parker fixed her hair.

Nice to see Sophie getting to dress down.
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I know that Nana pretty much has to stay a Noodle Incident, but gosh, I kind of would love to meet her.

Good fakeout with COM4R4T. I assumed there'd be a switcheroo. Welp.
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Not sure I'll be able to watch many episodes tonight, gotta head out for dinner with a friend, if anyone else feels like posting more threads, feel free.
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Sadly I knew Hodge was only special guest starring. I will enjoy him while he is around, and hopefully he will continue to be around now and then.

I am enjoying how they are using Wyle as the new fan character. I do think that as a whole the show would probably be understandable to new viewers.

Another fun episode! I was worried that this show would not keep the magic I felt in the first run, and so far so good.
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COM4R4T reminded me of Tacocat from The Good Place :)
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Re Wyle: Yes, they're doing a very good job walking the meta line while still having it work in-universe as family who know each other's tells and habits and are aware of their own habits as a unit.

"Our Mr. Wilson" seems to be a catchphrase being added to the mix.
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COM4RAT made me laugh so hard when I finally realized it was “coma rat” E.g., dead mouse (Deadmau5)
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Also whiningly bummed about Hardison not being around, though sounds like they couldn't help that one. I agreed with Parker on the "now I'm in favor of famine if I want you around" line.

Breanna does have lovely eyes, I have to say. Newbie energy.

"Inside man" sounds like a new interesting position to have in the gang.

Oh, pandemic: can't show an actual crowd of swarming music fans.
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I am still boggling that Dan "you may remember me from MTV Sports, back when that was a thing" Cortese has pretty great chops. What a great Busey he was in this episode!
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I had to check IMDb to verify that was Dan Cortese, who I haven't thought of since Stefon mentioned him on Weekend Update.
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Dammit Hardison. I knew they were adding little sister Breana as a regular but I didn't realize she was going to replace him as hacker

Yeah not my fave. She's a cool actor but having one more newbie to train up to replace Hardison's "No one is a better hacker than me" character doesn't seem like an even trade. I liked the Hardion/Parker relationship, I feel like we went from two couples in the last season to no couples in this one which is fine but different (and I realize most people won't be watching them all in a row like I am). I like how Wylie is "Mr. Wilson. I like the dress-up shows.
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