The Owl House: Keeping Up A-fear-ances
July 12, 2021 10:42 AM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Eda gets an unwelcome visit from a family member who puts a strain on everyone in the Owl House.

We open on a flashback of a just-cursed Edalyn at the healer's guild with her mother Gwendolyn getting the news that there may be no cure for the curse. Her mother can't accept that and suggests extreme measures. Eda runs away and trips over the portal door to Earth. We return to the present and see Lilith experiencing a curse flare-up, giving her insight into what Eda has been going through. As they clear this up, Gwendolyn appears, announcing she has a cure to the curse. Lilith is shocked to see her mother, who had practically vanished from her life, but Eda is having none of it. Her mother has spent the intervening yime searching for a cure and turns up about once a year with a new dud "cure". Luz decides to try to help Gwendolyn, in return for assistance in finding a way to return home. It turns out that Gwendolyn has been taken in by con artist. She is, however able to give Luz a clue that she is not the first human ever to travel to the Boiling Isles. Back on Earth, whoever has been sending Mrs Noches fake letters has stepped up their game and a fake Luz has come home from "camp",
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Well. Ouch. This made some pretty clear parallels with real-world parents who think love means spending all their energy to "fix" their kid in place of being there for their kid.
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I agree. Eda's curse could be a metaphor for just about anything a child is going through, and Gwendolyn's "cures" could probably trigger half the core audience of the show.
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I know this is super silly but when Lilith said she was moving in with her mother and Hooty screamed no and began sobbing that he couldn't be a pen pal because he can't hold a pen I got a bit emotional... I love Hooty, and he's desperate but loveable and gets kind of dumped on a lot for that in the show. This episode was good, I'm glad the show is tackling themes about grifter huckster "treatment" options versus confirmed science & also a loving parent doing their best, still messing up, but growing into a better parent for that.
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