Kevin Can F**k Himself: New Patty
July 12, 2021 10:37 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Allison pushes the limits to see what she is capable of; Kevin, Neil, and Pete attempt to replace Patty after kicking her out of the group; an ominous Nick shows up at Patty's salon; a new job opportunity opens up for Allison at Bev's Diner.
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I really like Patty, even more after this episode. And without Allison and Patty at the center of this, I think it would be too dark for me to keep watching. I loved seeing both actresses move between sitcom and drama; they're both really good at capturing the straight-woman reaction faces of sitcom world.

Was Detective Tammy flirting with Patty? I felt like they had a vibe.
posted by gladly at 7:39 AM on July 13, 2021

Definitely flirting.

The show feels like it has evened out a lot, so a lot less cringey and I can focus on the stories.

Allison is definitely not entirely innocent, and looks like perhaps that she herself is her worst enemy (petty revenge shoplifting, rage quitting, knowingly cheating).

I do like how Allison and Patty are developing a real kind of friendship.
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I am loving this show. I was so nervous when Kevin picked up the burger, I was cringing through my fingers. I love that Patty has a bolder plan to do away with him. I also can't believe Kevin called Kurt to shit on Patty... what a horrible person he is.

I'm a bit bummed about the Allison/Sam affair. Sam eagerly getting involved with Allison seems disappointing after he's been working for years to be sober. I was wondering if Allison kissing him after taking slugs of vodka would be triggering for him. I wish we'd see a little more of Sam on his own, I feel like he's the character I understand the least.
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Oh by the way I keep thinking of the Amy Schumer skit, "Sitcom", that also addresses some of the issues of this show. Amy is playing a somewhat Patty-type character. Trigger warning: Fatshaming.
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