Greenland (2020)
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Oh no! Comet Clarke is on a (physically impossible) collision course with Earth. Atlanta-based structural engineer John Garrity (Gerard Butler) and his family are the select few chosen to be evacuated to a safe haven in Greenland. Will they make it? Will they constantly be thwarted by pre-existing medical conditions, end-of-the-world parties, awkward family dynamics, those who want to steal their golden ticket, and society collapsing? Or will they make it to Greenland before the extinction-level collision occurs? On HBO Max.
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If this wasn't HBO Max, I would watch it (already have too many movie service subscriptions). I don't care if the plot is scientifically impossible - I'm not watching it for accuracy.
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My biggest problem with this movie what that absolutely none of the protagonists seemed to earn the right to stay alive at the expense of the people they leave in their wake. Like, why do these particular doofuses deserve a spot in the post-apocalyptic hellscape that will be Earth? Somehow because the dad is...a really good contractor or something, they're more deserving of a spot in a bunker even though they're told flat out that people with chronic medical conditions are ineligible? Meanwhile they peace right out of their suburb like "Bye, sorry the rest of you losers aren't cool enough to win a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Underground Wonderland!" and we as the audience are supposed to think "Yes, I'm OK with this."

And at the end we're supposed to feel good about their situation because there are some birds or whatever? How are they planning on securing their son's supply of insulin now that the surface of the planet has turned into blackened slag? Uh, as far as I can tell this is just a prequel to The Road and I really doubt that diabetic kid is gonna make it past the cannibals once his blood sugar gets out of whack. But everyone is smiling and the music is upbeat so I guess enjoy the birds while you can, everybody.
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love the write up, ShooBoo

I'm a big fan of disaster movies, which is not generally a high volume genre, so I know I gotta take what I can get. this one was particularly weak...le sigh. (or...what wakannai said)
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And it's supposed to get a sequel, too. Which seems particularly bonkers.
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I thought this was going to be more like The Day After Tomorrow, a funnish spfx disaster fest but whew it starts out bleak.
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I watched it awhile back on Amazon Prime video (it said it was an Amazon flick, so "free")

Wasn't overly impressed - solid, but...
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This was a very dumb movie. There were some fun parts.
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