Fear Street Part Three: 1666 (2021)
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The origins of Sarah Fier's curse are finally revealed as history comes full circle on a night that changes the lives of Shadysiders forever. Part One Fanfare. Part Two Fanfare.
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This trilogy really had no business to be this good, imo. I think it's helped that this particular IP is one of those where there's brand recognition but no particular major fannish regard for any specific story, which freed up the adaptation to both pay homage to what is already a series that's already a pastiche of horror tropes and also play around with established characters. Speaking of established characters, if I could generalise my age cohort, there is one story that everyone remembered, the moment Fear Street actually became interesting and not just monthly trash - the witch saga, which is where this movie took place in.

Still, the distance from having to be faithful to canon and also the fact the movies can actually use the Sarah Fier plot to explain the town (as opposed to the books being made retroactively interesting with the late-hour lore the witch books presented) actually managed to make Fear Street an actually cohesive series. I do think the need to tie it back to the central mystery/curse that the 90s kids had to break meant unfortunately the 17th century plot didn't leave us much time to dwell on its genre horror.

But first I need to go lie down, as fandom has informed me a theory that this is basically a Sam/Dean AU!fic.
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From part 1: It feels like maybe someone in Sunnyvale made a demonic pact to keep their town pure (I saw some devilish book scribbles) and use Shadyside as a sacrifice. I'll be interested to see if that pans out in later films.

yesssssssss gottem

(I'm terrible at foreshadowing let me have this)

This was a real fun trilogy and I'm glad I gave it a shot. Also pleased that no one died during the final battle; it would've felt cruel to me, personally. Having the first half be an hour long in itself was a good choice, too! I didn't realize part 3 was essentially two-in-one with its 2-hour runtime, but the flashback felt stronger for it, as did the reveal. I did not suspect Solomon (or Nick) at all until Sarah found his cave. (and wow, the loss of Sarah's hand made me squirm in my seat)
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I had so many thoughts I wanted to express and then came and read cendawanita's comment and it now feels sufficient to say: yes; all of that.
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A few observations I made:
Sarah literally brings Solomon a pig in a poke
The book in in Voynichese
I was waiting for us to find out who Queenofairanddarkness was
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Also, I realize that Sarah told Hannah she would become a witch to save her, and she did.
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I was waiting for us to find out who Queenofairanddarkness was

no one particularly important to the lore (yet), but it's the long-haired girl who signed Josh's cast outside of the school at the parking lot, in case that's what you mean by the question.
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Yeah, I caught that. I meant it in the sense that after finishing this installment I was no longer wondering.
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