Making the Cut: Brand Statement
July 20, 2021 12:44 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn welcome 10 designers to Los Angeles, CA where they arrive with their first assignment already complete -- a two-look collection representative of their brand statement. In a twist, the designers must interview with Vogue Business to promote their brand before hitting the runway. One gets the win while one designer is sent home before they can even unpack.

They're back! I guess the showrunners were told in no uncertain terms to really limit the cloying and cringy little scripted moments between Heidi and Tim. GOOD. That was my main dislike about the first season. Besides those moments, season 1 had great pacing and here's hoping for more of the same from season 2.

This was a first - no challenge during the show, but a challenge already completed, since they made the pieces before filming started. I have my faves already but I don't remember names yet. The woman who showed the two bridal looks was a shoe-in for winner but I don't think she may have factored in how important it is to design something that will sell on Amazon. I also did not like how many times the judges mentioned a problem with the fit with the single solitary plus model. There was no problem at all with the fit, they didn't like that they could see her tummy bulge. That was bull.

Other faves besides bridal dress woman are the older woman, and the woman from Columbia, and the man whose name I think is Gary, the winner, who made a coat I was very much in love with. His dress is 79.00US on Amazon. I didn't love it, it had a very dated hem, I feel.

Not sure how I did it but I managed to get my husband to watch with me. He was very into it; he's never seen it or Project Runway before. He actually picked who was going home, based just on what the judges said. My money was on clown pants! Not sure why Heidi decided to give him a push, but he has questionable taste which is also the dreaded M word.

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Thanks for posting this. I had actually planned to not watch the show, given the many, many problems evident in the first season, and in particular, the Heidi and Tim bits. But if you've said they're gone and the group of designers has some talent, then that's a good enough endorsement for me to give it a shot.
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Huh, this was posted last week and I responded…but now it’s gone?
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sardonyx, there was only one interaction, as opposed to 5 or 6 every episode last season? Hoping it stays that way!

TWinbrook8, I didn't see that one, don't know what happened.
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oh heck I was thinking of The Good Fight. Sorry!

SOOO. Ep 1. Gary. Was motivated to look him up online when Tim said he'd followed his career since being a CFDA Fashion Fund finalist. Wow, very impressive, custom woven fabrics. I loved how he took a photocopy of the textile he created for the coat and cut it apart to rearrange the panels. Since his work incorporates a lot of unusual material, I worry that the Fabric Barn or whatever it's called won't have the range he is used to using.

Andrea, the wedding gown designer, well it was a strapless mermaid gown. I liked the ostrich feather sheer pants but agree, neither of those were going to be marketable on Amazon which is still the big flaw in this show.

Olivia, the one from New Orleans, has a lock on streetwear which makes me think she'll go far on the show even though it's not Heidi's "short/tight/shiny aesthetic.
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OH OK so this thing is back. Well. I guess I must watch it. So very glad to hear that most of those very dumb little staged Heidi-Tim interactions have not made the cut.
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Ok so wow! That was a lot of boring items from people for their first impression. I do agree that pink clown thing at least elicited a response, and that the poor fellow who had to go was the right choice. But what a bummer. Have these people not watched Heidi's shows?! Dangit.

Ok also. Did Andrea with the bridal gown know she was going to have a plus size model? I think everyone should have gotten one plus size and one standard model. Or at least Andrea should have been given more notice, and it does not seem like she got that. wtf show?
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From looking at her webpage, Andrea specializes in gowns for full figured/curvy/plus size women so because the brief was : show us who you are and what you do, I’m sure she requested that model and I did hear her say that she wanted to keep working with her.
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Right, totally! Clearly Andrea is very happy to use this model. I just wonder if they got their model measurements ahead of time since she admitted having trouble fitting the dress to the model.
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I really liked that black and gold dress. I could actually see myself wearing it. That's the first time I've ever said that after watching seasons of Project Runway and now Making the Cut.
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