Synchronized viewings - more notice and an alert?
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Is there any way we could have an alert option for FanFare posts when synchronized viewings are proposed, if this becomes a thing?

If this takes off and becomes A Thing (which seems like a good thing), could we have some kind of alert system in place so we know when synched viewings are happening? Because right now it seems like the reader has to comb through all new posts to catch any planned community viewings.

I was thinking of something like the IRL (In Real Life) alert option in our MetaFilter profiles.

Paging pb! Any anyone who wants to weigh in.
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Not calling anyone out here, I love that this might become a thing that happens more frequently here and would like to not miss the next one.
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Sorry about the slow reply, we're a bit scattered around the holidays. We don't currently have any sort of alert system at all for anything at FanFare. I don't think we're likely to build something specifically for synchronized viewings.

Right now folks are posting organized viewing stuff at the wiki and I think that seems like a good place to start for these.
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Oh okay, I'll check the wiki. It was a long shot anyways.
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It's a pretty groovy idea. We need a batsignal, or a flashing red phone, or a ring that heats up on your finger. Then we could be all like, "Mrs. Peel, we're needed!"

But seriously, I think the best thing to do is to post several days before the synch watch, with clear instructions below the fold, and maybe people who are interested in that particular movie can schedule it on their own calendars. With the MST3K that JHarris hosts, it's become a pretty regular thing, so peeps are used to looking for it on thursdays thereabout; the one I did was kind of a lark.

The only drawback is with the site JHarris found, it really needs to be something that's available on youtube or vimeo, unless you have a solution for hosting big mp4 files, and I'm not even sure about copyright issues there. Which is why my second thought (a metafilter synch-watch club) seems kinda silly and random.
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