Masters of the Universe: Revelation
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Hi, I need to discuss the reboot of this serialized 40-year old toy commercial, can you please add it to the database of shows that we can post about? Thank you.
posted by skewed (2 comments total)
With reduced mod coverage, unless you've self-flagged your post they're probably not going to notice a request made via FanFareTalk.

You know you can get it into the queue yourself by clicking the '(Show not listed? Suggest one.)' hyperlink in the 'New Post' page and picking the relevant imdb link, right? I'd submit it on your behalf, but then you wouldn't get the 'Your Suggestion has been added to FanFare' mefi-mail.
posted by oh yeah! at 6:33 AM on July 25, 2021 [1 favorite]

It's been so long since I've started a fanfare post I didn't remember that, and just didn't see that link! Thanks! I suggested it, so this is resolved.
posted by skewed at 8:52 AM on July 25, 2021

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