Blood Red Sky (2021)
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A woman with a mysterious illness is forced into action when a group of terrorists attempt to hijack a transatlantic overnight flight. In order to protect her son she will have to reveal a dark secret, and unleash the inner monster she has fought to hide.

A German language Netflix original.
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It wasn't bad. The actor that played the Mom did a terrific job, IMO, of selling her secret and its outcome. The handwavey bits about why the plane was hijacked in the first place counts against the film, as does the rationale for the woman traveling by plane to see a doctor. Under the circumstances, it might have been wiser for the doctor to go see her. Still, I thought the way the boy explained time differences nicely foreshadowed that he's aware of Mom's problem and that he supports her despite her situation.
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I really enjoyed it. I mean the premise (once revealed) is pretty silly and you either commit to it fully or don't as there are a ton of inconsistencies if you actually think about the movie. I was totally onboard to just enjoy watching for mother vampire vs terrorists. These kinds of movies are always fun to see what kind of ingenuity the writers can come up with. This one definitely delivered.
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What were some inconsistencies that stood out? I thought they did a good job of setting up a lot of different pieces at the beginning and then letting it naturally play out.
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The biggest thing that stood out to me was the conversion time from human to vamp.

Mom doesn't immediately turn after being bitten. There seems to be at least a day between bite and the beginning of manifesting symptoms, not even full fledged vampirism. But on the plane the conversion happens immediately. A subset of this is that for almost all the vampires it's the bite that causes the conversion, only Eightball, for the sake of the plot, converted using blood.

A lot of other details like why is there a state of the art vampire treatment facility in NYC are never addressed, which is covered fairly easily from the fast moving plot. There's not a lot of time to talk about "This is a world where people don't believe in vampires except clearly SOME people believe in vampires otherwise how did Mom find the doctors quickly enough to treat her "condition"? And how would there even be a treatment facility?
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That one guy, carving the hockey stick, made me shout out.... "Yes, Stakes on a Plane"... Heh.

It was good - better than I expected (the premise was easily guessed - although... she could see herself in a mirror, so not classical vampire - but that missdirect didn't work for me).

I got that the treatment was not for vampirism itself - but basically a complete blood and bone marror replacement - that the doctor didn't know about the vampirism.
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Ah that makes sense, but you really should give your medical team a heads up about that kind of thing. I'm trying to imagine the doctor's face when he sees her actual condition.
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I got that the treatment was not for vampirism itself - but basically a complete blood and bone marror replacement - that the doctor didn't know about the vampirism.

That's what I thought, too.
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I just thought that it was going to be an attempt at a treatment. She found some way to convince Dr. Brown that she really was a vampire. His effort to find a cure was the movie that didn't happen because an action movie got in the way.

As far as the not turning immediately after she got bit, I chalk that up to her being in the sunlight. Everyone on the plane turned without Solar radiation shining on them.

It was a fun vampires on a plane film with an actual emotional through-line.
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Thought Slime side-channel Scaredy Cats was absolutely delighted by the film, and that's all I need.
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A surprisingly decent popcorn movie.

The actress playing Nadja does a really good job with various nosferatu expressions and Elias was only mildly obnoxious as a kid damsel.

The handwavey bits about why the plane was hijacked in the first place counts against the film

Oh I kinda liked that they kind of left it in conspiracy theory land with a wink.
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It was long and an action movie should never be long, it should float along in a cloud of its own inanity and zip to the end. I watched it in two goes because it was so draggy.

'Eightball' wanting to be a vampire was pretty great, though, and the 'reason' for the planned crash was also pretty clever. Vampire-ness is such a worked trope, though, that I felt like they missed a trick here, maybe except for 'Eightball's' reaction. What is Vampirism and would it be good for me? Are pertinent questions that the film kind of answers in kind of interesting ways. And this film, the one where the writers try and manage the vampire trope, is the one I was more interested in. The GerardButlerActionFilm it got grafted onto was less than that. I like the GerardButlerActionFilm - but it, too, is specific.
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