Chernobyl (2021) (2021)
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A story about a heroic fireman who worked as one of Chernobyl liquidators post-reactor explosion. (In international markets, it's also distributed as Chernobyl: Abyss or Chernobyl 1986, per Netflix)
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This is the movie that came out in April, and semi-sorta the Russian response to the HBO miniseries.

It's a pretty solid drama & blockbuster imo, but it's quite inevitable that I read quite a bit into the editorial decisions in what's in the final cut of this movie. Also, the Soviet Union that won't share with its East German allies the full extent of the radiation will send a plane-load of radiation victims to Switzerland for treatment...?
posted by cendawanita at 7:50 PM on July 30, 2021

I've not seen this, but presumably it's the same film whose trailer was discussed by Slava Malamud (of the informative and entertaining Twitter threads on the HBO miniseries) on his blog. Seems he, and many Russian YouTube commenters -- in the 24-or-so-hour period between the trailer going up, and getting taken down again -- had some ... strong opinions on it.
posted by myotahapea at 12:40 AM on July 31, 2021

ok, based on that trailer, i can very much confirm that's not this movie.... (omg there's more than one chernobyl movie in the last 3 years! unsurprising) this 2021 one is *much* glossier, it's hitting the summer blockbuster quadrants than prestige drama. Compare with this trailer (which I belatedly realised I should've also included).
posted by cendawanita at 1:30 AM on July 31, 2021

Right, that's good to hear then. I seem to have had a similar thought process to you, but arrived at the opposite conclusion that it *must* be the same film, because how many Russian rebuttal films to an HBO Chernobyl series can there be?

Apologies for the mix-up, and for throwing some badly-aimed shade at your post's subject. (Though I would argue the blog review is hilariously scathing and worth reading in its own right.)
posted by myotahapea at 3:56 AM on July 31, 2021

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