Supernatural: When the Levee Breaks
August 2, 2021 4:15 AM - Season 4, Episode 21 - Subscribe

Sam is locked in Bobby's panic room and struggling to overcome his addiction to demon blood, but as the apocalypse draws nigh Bobby and Dean begin to question whether their need for his special abilities might be more urgent than helping him recover.


Sam: [is heard screaming from the panic room]
Dean: How long's this gonna go on?
Bobby: Here, let me look it up in my demon-detox manual. Oh, wait, no one ever wrote one.

Bobby: Correct me if I'm wrong, but you willingly signed up to be the angels' bitch?

Sam: Don't. No, no, don't. Don't, don't. No—stop! Stop! Alastair—please. Please.
Alastair: So polite all of a sudden. Very nice. I appreciate that.


The episode is named after a song by Led Zeppelin.
posted by orange swan (2 comments total)
Demon blood detox looks rough. JUST SAY NO TO DEMON BLOOD, KIDS.

Sam could have killed Bobby with that brutal blow to the head, and he didn't even check on him to be sure he was still breathing. And then there's what he and Ruby did to that poor nurse.

It's so funny that Dean knows Sam so well that he not only knows what he would do but also knows that he would do the total opposite in an effort to avoid being found, and what the total opposite is.

I think Sam lost his damage deposit on the honeymoon suite, but then that probably happens often to the Winchesters.

Another episode with Colin Ford, the perfect mini-Sam. Every time I see him I marvel at not only the resemblance but also how his expressions and affect are like Sam's. He's in three more episodes after this one, the last one in season 11. Colin is nearly 25 now, but he still very definitely resembles Jared Padalecki -- they look like brothers. Who knows, they may tap him to do a flashback scene on Walker sometime.

So Anna's no longer on the lam from heaven? She's only in one more episode after this, in season 5.
posted by orange swan at 4:24 AM on August 2, 2021

I know Samantha Smith was probably easier to get than Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But since they had her, and since at this moment Sam has no relationship at all with his mother as a person, it's not hugely surprising he imagines her to more or less totally take his side but a little surprising it never comes up why he had demon blood in him in the first place (indirectly; I am exceedingly sympathetic to the position Mary was in when she made her deal with Azazel and how little she knew.)

Also I don't know what Dean's complaining about, if I had someone's yard I could scream in for two and a half hours I'd be doing it right now.
posted by jameaterblues at 9:09 PM on August 2, 2021

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