Making the Cut: Two Episode Finale
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Three designers remain. Episode 7 is a mini-collection pop up shop and Episode 8 is the final collection. Guest judge, the Amazon woman.

Episode 7: The final three are tasked with designing up to eight [?] new looks to display in a concept store that represents their brand; all of the designers feel the pressure, not wanting to be sent home only one assignment away from the finals.

Episode 8: The final [three!!!!] designers must present a business pitch to the president of Amazon Fashion and showcase a final 10-look collection; the winning designer receives an Amazon mentorship, an exclusive line on Amazon and $1 million to invest into their line PLUS a 3 year free lease on a storefront in LA

Twist: Amazon is selling clothes from the final collection of all three designers in the Making the Cut Store.
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Andrea S's winning look from Episode 7 The jacket is half polyurethane, half poly. Not sold out.

SETA Apparel on Amazon. Three collections: Classy, Casual, Neutral/Sophisticated. Okay, I was gonna snark but she didn't win so.

garygraham422 The Marianne Collection, mostly from natural fabrics. Has a 3 minute video which is an interesting contrast to the SETA one.

Pantora. Chartreuse/black houndstooth, monochromatic "spice brown", and some camo; emphasis on mix and match, mostly polyester. Also "...dream in reality" acrylic pullover sweaters.
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Ultimately, not really surprising due to Amazon. Best part was Jeremy Scott's impassioned defense of Gary.
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Yes I appreciated that plea for Gary. But I was so so happy that Andrea won. I thought she had more winning pieces in her final collection and her message of inclusivity and her work ethic and enthusiasm. Gary is an artist for sure but will always have a smaller audience. I agree with a lot of what Jeremy said but the right person won. And great extra perks for both runners up.

Though I still kinda think, how about 750k for winner then 200k then 50k and everyone gets a boost.

Gary’s collection reminded me a bit of Jay McCarroll’s final collection on Project Runway S. 1 because of all that thick chunky sweater fabric.
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I think at least a dozen times during these two episodes I wanted to reach through the TV screen, say "Awww, sweetie" and give Gary a huge hug.

Andrea S's collection was just basic pieces, but in sparkly fabrics. The judges had hardly anything to say about her runway show, whereas they had a lot of comments about the other two designers' clothes. I wasn't keen on Andrea P's collection. I didn't like the print and it was all a bit too matchy-matchy for my taste.

But I loved Gary's collection, and I was so glad to see Jeremy defend him so vehemently. But Heidi is all about the sparkle and Winnie is, I think, too young to fully appreciate Gary's aesthetic, so it was fairly obvious Andrea P would win. I didn't mind that so much, she's obviously worked really hard and her family is adorable. If the other Andrea had won I'd have been really pissed.
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A post-show interview with Gary on YouTube that was posted on the r/Making The Cut

I just wanted the cash and recognition for Gary, not necessarily an Amazon tie-in. Andrea S knows her target market and has the razor focused business plan. (eg, the Instagram-ready mirror in her pop up shop) She’s not a designer, more of a stylist of sequins, lurex, animal prints, gold, silver, black, leather, studs and chains. Mix & match mall shop. Andrea P had the “dream story”, sitting on the stoop, coming up with her brand name at age 12, working hard and finally a bridal salon for her target market: hour-glass figured women who wanted dramatic strapless mermaid gowns. I didn’t see an overarching theme/inspiration to her work on the show, to me she was cannily giving the judges what they wanted (eg, avant-garde = volume). Her subway themed pop up shop was good and the clothes were cohesive (rolling my eyes at the display window jibe) but then she switched out again for her final runway show, sequins. Her work is definitely more commercial which is why she’s a good fit for Amazon. All her clothes are polyester. I think Gary’s success in a) winning the challenges, b) winning over the viewers and c) selling out in the MTC online store caught them by surprise.
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Unsurprising given the judging panel. (At least it wasn’t other Andrea.) Awfully weird to have a 2:1 model:designer ratio there, but I guess they’re aiming for consumer appeal instead of design. Also, two white guys winning the first two seasons would have been a less than ideal look.

Gary’s stuff is great. Everything on his site looks like one-off and is sold out. Keeping an eye on it. Wonder if he has to be Amazon-exclusive for a while.

I am having trouble parsing “dream in reality” though I get the sentiment.
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