Legends of Tomorrow: The Final Frame
August 9, 2021 3:48 PM - Season 6, Episode 11 - Subscribe

It's time for cosmic bowling. And wedding-dress shopping. It's also camping time.

Gideon can't find the earth, so John (hopped up a potion from his friendly neighbourhood drug-dealing vampire, as well as a bit of assistance from Behrad) magics the Waveright to the right location--a location where Sara, Spooner, Mick and Charlie are bowling for the fate of the world. Meanwhile, Gary is distracting Ava by helping her customize her wedding dress. Concurrently, Nate and Zari 1.0 are on a camping date.
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Sorry. I meant Astra, not Charlie.
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When John told Behrad to fetch him Air, Earth, Fire and Water elements I totally thought Behrad was going to bring him a loaded bong and a lighter. Pretty disappointed he didn't.

I wanted to see Mike the Strike and his crew suffer the same fate they subjected others to. And I would have liked to see the Legends restore the other worlds from the trophy case.

I feel like the show is kinda coasting this season, their hearts don't really seem to be in it. I hope they can pull it out.
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This episode was really a letdown for me.

I don't understand Rock-n-Roll girl at all. I thought she and her boyfriend were some kind of artificial constructs or aliens or simulations or something, but instead she's just a normal human who spouts a catchphrase 99 per cent of the time. Okay? Camping dude was a bit more plausible but I still think Zari and Nate were totally wasted. They could have gone anywhere else or done anything else.

I get that Ava's wedding dress scene was played for a laugh, but honestly, I don't think it should have been Gary could have distracted her by legitimately offering her help. Yes, I know Gary has been mostly useless over the course the the show, but I had the feeling that this would have been the one area where he'd really excel and prove his worth to Ava. Honestly, I think they should have gone for more of a a "Say Yes to the Dress" moment rather than what they did.

As for Sara and the rest of the gang, I don't know what to say. It's season six. By now the Legends should understand how to work with each other, and how to work as a team. They should understand themselves well enough to know what makes them tick and what works for them. This felt like being bumped back to kindergarten and being taught things like what colours and shapes are. Okay, Spooner and Astra are relatively new additions, but even still, Sara and Mick are veterans by now. This kind of situation shouldn't even phase them in the slightest.

Maybe it was coming back after a break of a few weeks, but I felt a bit lost at the beginning, and it took me a bit to figure out what they were searching for in the junkyard. I still felt a bit lost with the "invitation" -- even after it was explained by the bowling alley owner. Just who were the aliens on the evil bowling team? How did they have the power to turn the Earth into a bowling ball? Is this just some waste-of-time one-off display of power or is it going to have consequences? (I hope it's the former, because I have no desire to revisit this scenario again.)

I would have been much happier if they decided that the team needed a break, they picked straws to figure out who got to decide what group bonding activity they'd do, and Spooner won and picked bowling. I would have been perfectly content to watch the Legends bowl a few rounds, laugh over some beers, commiserate about the troubles with their love lives and just enjoy each other's company (while teasing each other mercilessly).
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This show is ridiculous and I love it.
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