Free Guy (2021)
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A bank teller called Guy realizes he is a background character in an open world video game called Free City that will soon go offline.
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I haven't seen this yet but I am excited by the prospect that this may be the beginning of Jodie Comer becoming a huge star and that we'll get to see a lot more of her, because she's awesome and she deserves it.
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I have heard SO MANY ADS for this movie (I guess it must be targeting podcasts I'm listening to) so I am eagerly awaiting comments in this thread to tell me if it's worth seeing.
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Totally worth it just for the Boston video game panorama, was just down there, only a few shoot ups, all reset nicely. Oh wait, maybe I'm just an NPC?
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If going to a theater wasn't a near guarantee of a COVID infection at the moment, I'd be seriously tempted to go see it.
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This is the first movie that I've really wanted to go to the theater to see since the pandemic started.

...I won't be going, of course, and will wait for the home video release. (I expect this thread will come to life then, maybe?)

(Also, "home video," that's an anachronistic term now, isn't it.)
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I thought this movie was really, really well done. Everything about it was great (the writing, the acting, the story, the music, the execution) and really thoughtful. It’s ironically funny and fairly satirical. I don’t usually like this type of comedy but I thought this was great.
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I thought I would like it, but I was wrong. It was great. Just very well done. It was well paced, funny, and thoughtful. It had a few over the top bits, but not so much it got old.
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Ok, so in the movie you've got Guy in his shirt and tan pants, and he's at one point trying to get his black friend to try on sunglasses to see reality... How could they not turn that scene into a They Live callback? I mean the two characters are dressed nearly the same, it's the exact same setup. Couldn't they have given us like a one minute fistfight in an alley? If there isn't a deleted scene for this I'm going to be dissapointed.
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Highly competent sendup of video games/ NPC conventions.

I love that it's a bit of a throwback to whimsical/ vulnerable/ sweet Reynolds and away from edgy cynical Reynolds.

Comer is great. Waititi is an extraordinary fellow.

To me this came across much more as a rom-com than an actioner, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'd call it an adventure movie, in the mould of the greats of the 80s with sensibilities of the (20)20's, although the particulars might age quickly.

Comer is 28, Reynolds is 44, so that's not great but Reynolds is a very young 44 and plays an AI that's... 4 (?) years old, and it's all very chaste and very consent conscious, and ends up being sweet without being overly smarmy.

The end sequence (last 1/4 of the movie) is gloriously imaginative.

Thumbs up, good clean fun, worth watching.

Scenes opening up the credits, but no - what do you call it? stinger? - scene after the first part of the credits before the final scroll.
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