Monster Hunter (2020)
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A portal transports Cpt. Artemis and an elite unit of soldiers to a strange world where powerful monsters rule with deadly ferocity. Faced with relentless danger, the team encounters a mysterious hunter who may be their only hope to find a way home.

Critic Reviews for Monster Hunter (From Rotten Tomatoes)

"It is a series of special effects sequences. Pretty ropey. "
"Despite a muddled final act, Monster Hunter is satisfyingly efficient, a quick-fire thrill-ride of creepy thrills, nasty kills, and of course, monster-hunting. "
"Monster Hunter is exactly what you think it is going to be, nothing more, and certainly nothing less, and I'm okay with that."
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This was a mess of a movie - disjointed plot, confusing motivations, bizarre action sequences, poor internal logic. Are there Monsters? Yes! Do they get hunted? Not Really!

We picked up the DVD from the library, so we got exactly our money's worth.
posted by jazon at 1:11 PM on August 16, 2021

Wait, I didn't post this one? It's glorious! It's the same stupid schlock that Jovovich and her husband have been putting out for years now. They've found their niche and by golly they're going to exploit it as long as Tencent will pony up the production costs. I think my primary complaint is that the movie kind of takes an abrupt turn halfway through it when Artemis and Hunter hook back up with Hunter's crew. Whether it's a bad turn or not, eh, I can't say? I gather it's more sensible / coherent if you're a fan of the games, which I am not, but I've got a pretty high tolerance for well executed schlock.

Wait, on preview - a second abrupt turn, it's been a while, I forgot about the one after 20 minutes or so. It's big and dumb and stupid and well-cast and about what you expect for a movie about a game featuring 12' swords.
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You've hit the nail on the head Kyol - it's big and dumb but it could have been more fun. The abrupt turns really threw us out of the moment, especially when they came back to 'our world' for the big end battle.
posted by jazon at 2:01 PM on August 16, 2021

I loved it when, after the "getting ready to take down the monster" montage, Jovovich scowls and says "Let's do this" and Jaa just looks at her and says "Huh?"

The best Anderson/Jovovich joint by an order of magnitude remains their Three Musketeers though. I'm not sure they'll ever produce anything as fun and entertaining as that.
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I'm there with y'all, the evergreen response to any PWS Anderson/Milla Jovovich joint is: "That was stupid. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

I'm not gonna dig up the link right this sec, but Jovovich mentioned recently that them working together near-constantly has the dual benefits of keeping their family together (as opposed to the lengthy separations they'd expect working on separate projects) and insuring that she no longer has to work on sets rife with sexual harassment, not just because Anderson is her spouse, but because as a director, he simply does not abide that.
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