Sweet & Sour (2021)
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After meeting in the hospital, Jang Hyeok and Jung Da-Eun endure the highs and lows of trying to make a long-distance relationship survive while facing real-world opportunities and challenges.
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The twist is probably divisive but without it the characterization of the movie makes no sense. I think I spent two thirds of the movie wondering why the writers had spent so much effort in making Hyeok sympathetic while at the same time making Da-Eun weirdly suspicious, when the story didn't seem to be going that way at all. The reveal was such an "ohhhh, that's why!" moment that I still randomly remember it weeks later, even though the rest of the movie is not that memorable.

The ending felt surprisingly "real". Is Da-Eun just using Hepatitis Hyeok? Was it just the shock of seeing the og Hyeok? I liked that things weren't perfectly neat at the end.
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