Amphibia: Croak & Punishment
August 27, 2021 5:57 PM - Season 1, Episode 25 - Subscribe

Sprig finds a rare Blue Moon Shell. He wants to give it to Ivy, but it disappears before he can! Convinced it was stolen, he goes overboard in his attempts to discover who took it.

  • Sprig is adorable when his face gets muppety.
  • Anne's solution to finding the supposed thief is to use a "good cop/bad cop" routine that has been seen in dozens of other shows. Ah, it'll be new to kids.
  • Earth media: the show "Cop Stop," which Anne has on her phone.
  • Anne's hair doesn't have leaves and twigs in it when she's made up like a cop. (She also has a mustache. Sprig does too, but his, at least, appears to actually be a caterpillar.)
  • When Anne overpays for the doughnuts, visible in the pile of money are several of Hop Pop's IOUs.
  • The trail eventually leads to Gunther, a new arrival in Wartwood, and a Southern Tusk Frog, who tends to have issues with anger, growing big and shouting "I KILL YOU!" Uh-oh. Also important: don't give him licorice.
  • In the end Ivy, the one Sprig wanted to give the shell to, had it all along, having found it and polished it to give back to Sprig. And that's what we call an ironic cartoon resolution, ba-dum-dum.
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