Amphibia: Trip To The Archives
September 1, 2021 4:32 AM - Season 1, Episode 26 - Subscribe

To prepare for their journey to find a way to get Anne home, the Plantars visit the Wartwood Town Archives. As a result, they get trapped in a building and Anne almost gets eaten by giant cicadas. (Thanks, Sprig.)

  • Hop Pop: "We'll never get Anne home if we get bitten to death by a venomous snake fly! Or eaten to death by a camouflaged sod skink! Or crushed to death by a sand liger!" Anne: "Okay, okay, okay! Enough death already. Sheesh, I'm beginning to think you guys are obsessed."
  • Sprig: "Wait! Wouldn't we better off preparing by diving headfirst into deadly situations?" Anne: "Huh, yeah. Maybe Sprig's right Hop Pop. Research is overrated." Hop Pop: "Overrated, eh? How's diving into adventure been working out so far?" Flashback: Anne and Sprig are attacked by a fire-breathing star-nosed mole; Anne, Sprig, Polly and Bessie tumbling down a mountain mud slide; everyone tied up and getting sprayed by a giant skunk. None of these things happened in prior episodes, so there must have been ridiculous wacky adventures the Plantars have been involved in that we haven't even seen.
  • Why do the archives lock when the sun goes down? Why is there a sun-powered mechanism to enforce this? Anne said it best, "That is some steampunky nonsense right there!"
  • The founder of the archives is Mycroft Newtback, the archives are his former home, and he died violently by attempting to travel beyond the valley.
  • Books in the archives: "Only Nature Facts," "Older Than The Old Ways" (two volumes), "Plants That Eat You" (any of the Plantars could have written a chapter in that), "Snakes That Eat You" (that's happened to Sprig), "Daggers And Where To Put Them," "Layouts" (of the archives).
  • "I'm actually glad you suggested this Hop Pop. I'm learning a ton about your terrifying world!"
  • It's Sprig's turn to wear the Stupid Hat this time, removing the lens from the lock to cause the others to have to have an adventure to open the door. Anne: "Dude, have you lost your frog marbles?"
  • There follows an increasingly dangerous series of attempts to escape that end up with Anne stuck in the skylight and the Plantars swimming out through the bathroom plumbing. Good job Sprig!
  • Anne: "Sprig? How did you get out?" Sprig: "I don't wanna talk about it." Then, Polly: "We couldn't wait, so we took the pipes too!" Hop Pop: "I SEEN THINGS."
  • Predators of the episode, mentioned: Venomous snake fly, camouflaged sod skink, sand liger, tiger viper. Seen in flashback: fire-breathing star-nosed mole. The giant skunk is not trying to eat them, and it's possible the mole isn't either, but I'm giving it the detriment of the doubt. However, the giant cicadas are just mistaking Anne's hair for their plant-based food, so any danger is not from them trying to eat anyone we know.
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