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December 29, 2014 9:29 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Malvo flips the script on the blackmail operation; Molly sets a trap; Lester's return to work has complicated repercussions.
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Man, Malvo killing a dog really drove home how much of a psycho he is. I wonder what the adderall/speed is for.
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Well dragging a man down the hallway by his necktie might also qualify him for the psycho category. Also, taking a dump with the door open during a conversation as a way to intimidate your enemy, bristling at the most mundane interactions that require living by someone else's rules (the post office package pickup, the hotel check-in runaround about pets, etc.), prompting someone to urinate in a gas tank...

We noticed something this time around: someone has a real thing for "incompetent" sons / competent daughters. The autistic son of Lester's brother; the emotionally stunted son of 'Supermarket King' Stavros Milos; the horridly limited sons of Sam Hess. Okay so *one* case would not be a pattern, but three? The competent daughters, of course, are Molly Solverson and Greta Grimly (son of Colin Hanks' character).

Not sure what it means but it seems part of the universe-building.
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Not so much bristling at rules as disdainful of them: didn't he tell Lester last episode (or maybe 2 episodes ago) that Lester's mistake is believing that rules apply to him?

Malvo intimidates by calm insistence, not hot anger: he's polite, serious, but always the undercurrent underneath that he really doesn't give any kind of shit about consequences.

prompting someone to urinate in a gas tank

Which he does purely for the joy of stirring up trouble and watching the fallout. I get the impression he enjoys messing with people. The whole thing with Lester was just a bit of extra-curricular fun for him: he tells his controller "it's personal."

The tapes are quite creepy too: a record of desperation that Malvo enjoys revisiting.
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well things certainly took a turn! Malvo is a force of mayhem, turning everyone's world on end. As creepy as he is I'm hoping he's able to make it to the end of the series. Thorton really does a good job with the character.
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I love Molly Iverson and am impressed by the acting all round, but I'm meh on the rest of the show. I would watch a series featuring Molly, no doubt.
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