The Old Ways (2020)
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When a journalist travels back to Veracruz, she is kidnapped by two people who believe she encountered an ancient evil at local ruins.

Cristina, a journalist based on Los Angeles, is assigned a story in Vera Cruz, where she grew up. In order to get background for her piece, she goes to "La Boca" a cursed ruin. A bruja and her son believe she encountered a demon there and became a vessel for it.
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Currently available on Netflix.

The movie is a bit all over the place, but does manage to defy some expectations. Do NOT watch the trailer as it spoilers a rather major plot point for genre savvy viewers. I don't know who cuts some of these trailers, but they need to be smacked.

There's some truly effective body horror, but there's a lot of reliance on not so great cgi, which took me out of the story.

Trigger warning for drug use and self harm.
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