Amphibia: Snow Day
September 1, 2021 6:16 PM - Season 1, Episode 27 - Subscribe

Once a year the entire town of Wartwood freezes over for a night and the whole town hibernates, and each time someone disappears and is never seen again. But this year they have Anne, who's warm-blooded, to watch out for everyone.

  • This is an important episode to Anne's character development. She's already stood up to the toads for the town's sake, now she's watching over them during hibernation.
  • We begin with Anne bringing omelette technology to Amphibia.
  • Sprig's siren gimmick is hilarious.
  • "Today is the third morning in a row where the temperature dipped below the Frog Line!" The... frog line?
  • The frogs just hibernating instantly in cold weather is something that is forgotten later on, at the second temple.
  • "Hello! I'm warm blooded!" "That's gross Anne."
  • "Wow, you've gone from town beast to town protector! Big fan of that narrative."
  • It seems that hibernation also has a rejuvenating quality for the frogs, and also Sprig, who Anne thawed early, is kind of woozy because of it. "I's awake yes?"
  • Anne: "Time for a little protector duty! Let's do a head count, make sure everyone's still here." Sprig (still woozy): "You got it! I still here?"
  • Townsfolk names heard here for the first time: Tom, Jill, Cashmere the Soft.
  • Polly turns up missing, abducted by snow weasels. Sprig: "Something wrong with Polly?" Anne: "YES, Sprig! She's gone! This is all my fault. We gotta get her back!" Sprig: "All right! Is something wrong with Polly?"
  • "You know, no matter how long I'm in this world, I'll never get used to the piles of bones just lying around."
  • Hop Pop: "This is the first year no one disappeared!" Polly: "All because of you!"Hop Pop: "Happy Hiber Day everyone!" (cheering) Sprig: "Hey everyone! Check out these funny photos we took!" Hop Pop: "...did you use our frozen bodies as bowling pins?"
  • Predators of the episode: Snow weasel and weasel kittens
  • From the backpack: hoodie jacket with school insignia, knitted cap
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