Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Game of Boyles   First Watch 
September 6, 2021 1:56 PM - Season 8, Episode 7 - Subscribe

In an homage to the film Knives Out, Jake investigates possible foul play in the death of the Boyles' patriarch.
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This was weird and different. And also awesome. I completely bought all the comedy thrown out there.
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As an adoptee, I get really twitchy about stories where someone finds out they're not biologically related later in life. They are so rarely done well I can't even bring to mind one I've seen that was. This one was. The lengths Jake and Terry went to to make sure Charles would feel like he was a True Boyle were lovely; we should all have such friends.

Loved Jake's Benoit Blanc attempt.

Best of all: we got an actual, for real Kevin and Raymond kiss! In the rain! In the middle of the street!
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The exterior of the Boyle homestead is the same house Mindy St. Claire lived in in The Good Place.

That's all.
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"Here's what I've learned as a PI: People suck, everyone cheats, and love is an illusion." Sounds like someone I met years ago who also used to work as a PI.

"Like I told you, it was a typical night."
"Right. Cousin kissing circle, everyone gets burped after dinner--normal stuff."

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