Amphibia: Wally and Anne
September 9, 2021 12:54 AM - Season 1, Episode 30 - Subscribe

Anne sees a famous cryptid while out foraging with the Plantars, and no one believes her except for One-Eyed Wally. They go looking for it, and in the process Anne learns to be more comfortable being herself.

  • Hop Pop's berry-picking safety maxims: "Green and red, be well fed. Blue and red, instantly dead! Oh wait, was it, green and red, instantly dead?" That is not good safety maxim formulation, Hopidiah Plantar, you make the rhyme with the distinct part! "Purple and green heals the spleen!"
  • It was the "Mossman" that Anne saw, but Hop Pop doesn't believe it. Hop Pop: "Only crazy people and gullible tadpoles believe in it." Anne: "Wait. You're telling me that you guys have (shows pictures on phone) giant fire-breathing beavers, and mutant centipedes, but you don't believe in this?" Sprig: "Well yeah, we've seen those! Look, your world might have stuff like flying machines and magic memory boxes, but we don't have weird stuff like that here. This is just a normal town." (cute smile from Plantars) Anne: "YOU'RE TALKING FROGS!"
  • Anne's dream about her wearing Wally's hat and scarf makes her look rather like the Fourth Doctor.
  • Anne finds Wally and convinces him to go look for the Mossman. While out, Wally saves Anne's phone from falling down the mountain with his long sticky tongue! I get the feeling the frogs forget they have those pretty often.
  • Back at Chez Plantar, the frogs are eating at the table. Sprig (looks around for a good few seconds): "Where's Anne?" [scene ends]
  • Anne and Wally's expedition, on day two. Anne admits to Wally that her friends think her elaborate handshakes are crazy, and Wally tells her not to care about what others think. "Lucky for you, you're not back home! Anne, the way I see it, you've got a great opportunity in front of you! Whole new world, new people! Free to be whatever you want." This is character development for Anne, but also foreshadows Wally's double life, which we don't discover until Season Two.
  • Learned about Anne: she did Bouldering Club in school, a skill of great aid when climbing rocks in pursuit of the Mossman.
  • From the backpack: nightshirt, shorts, hoodie jacket (probably the one with the school emblem, but it's covered over by a backpack strap)
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