Supernatural: The Man Who Knew Too Much
September 16, 2021 5:13 AM - Season 6, Episode 22 - Subscribe

The wall comes down in Sam's mind, and the battle between Raphael and Castiel comes to a head.


Castiel: You think I'm handing all that power... to the king of hell? I'm neither stupid nor wicked.
Crowley: Unbelievable. Have you forgotten that you're the bottom in this relationship?

Crowley: Your purgatory power shake, monsieur. Half monster; half virgin.
Castiel: Thank you.
Crowley: You seem even more constipated than usual. Maybe get you some Colon Blow?


The title is from the 1934 Alfred Hitchcock thriller The Man Who Knew Too Much, which Hitchcock himself remade in 1956.

Colon Blow was a fictional product in a 1989 Saturday Night Live commercial starring Phil Hartman.

The different Sams can be also identified by the choice of handgun that they use. Sam with a soul uses his trademark nickle-plated pearl handled Taurus PT92 pistol, while soulless Sam uses one of several black handguns.

When Sam enters the bar, he tells Robin that he was sleeping in a park bench when two police officers told him to come with them then he knocked them out. This is a reference to a scene from The Bourne Identity, in which Jason Bourne is sleeping on a park bench when two police officers ask him to come with them and he subsequently knocks the two men unconscious.

The names on Sam's fake IDs are Jimmy Page (guitarist and co-creator of legendary rock band Led Zeppelin), Angus Young (guitarist and co-founder of AC/DC), and Neil Peart (drummer of rock band Rush).

Robin tells Sam, "This is all very A Beautiful Mind meets Se7en." She is referring to the 2001 biographical drama about Nobel Laureate and paranoid schizophrenic John Nash, and the 1995 psychological thriller about two detectives who are hunting a literary serial killer.
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I don't know quite what to do with the stuff about how you have to kill parts of yourself to integrate them into you. But Sam woke up with centuries of Hell flashbacks in his head, found a gun and an address, and rubbed some dirt on it and went. For all that Soulless said the part of Sam that Dean loved stayed in Hell, Sam's fuck-off determination to find Dean and protect him came back without it.

Castiel breaking terms with Crowley but leaving him alive seems reckless as hell. Even if he really did think Crowley kept things more stable than the other options, that seems like way too big a loose end and if Castiel's plan works, he could surely handle whatever D-lister ended up in charge of Hell.

The demon cloud flipping the Impala like a pancake is lowkey maybe my favorite effects shot of this season. 

Gods make scary exes.
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