Sex Education: Season 3
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Otis continues to face challenges in the new year in his fling with Ruby, while other relationships including Eric and Adam are made official. With his mother Jean expecting a baby in the future, and the introduction of the new headmistress Hope, who has big plans for Moordale, the inevitable revamp at school has the potential to cause an extra set of complications for all students.
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So far, I continue to see no reason to stop loathing Isaac over his behavior at the end of the last season, and I will be very resistant to any attempts to change my mind.*

*I have only watched two of this season's episodes so far.
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Netflix did actually made the vulva website that Aimee looked at - All Vulvas Are Beautiful - apparently working with The Vulva Gallery.

I'm digging the odd cast dropping in - Jason Isaacs as the ex-principal's brother (who I know from Star Trek Discovery), and Angus Wright is on the sex ed tape (who I know from going, wait, that sounds way too much like Patrick Stewart).
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Really enjoyed this season! I feel like Ted Lasso fans who think Season 2 is too dark should switch to Sex Education instead. It does tackle some serious issues but the overall vibe remains very positive and empathetic across all 3 seasons. Also, Eric is life. They're all great, even the villainous Head Teacher.
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This was so good. Some of my favorite bits:
Aimee's vulva cupcakes, of course, but also her very kind heart (although I did wonder why she didn't offer that poor naked kid her science lab coat instead of letting him run off with Goat).
Eric in Lagos finding his people! After watching that episode I'm pretty sure I would watch the shit out of a show that was just Eric navigating being gay while living in Nigeria.
Lily continuing to be this amazing oddball creative force, still with the octopus finger. Where do I get an octopus finger.
Rahim and his calm, careful observations: "you have confiture on your jumper."
The Peaches cover that will be in my head until the end of time.
Jean and her baby DNA test bomb cliffhanger.
Eric and Otis dancing up the stairs at school. Was there ever one single moment that any of those students were actually walking single file?
The uterus+falopian tube costume in the (sabotaged) open house video. I don't know why that part delighted me so much, but here we are.
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Chekhov's "Fuck the Pain Away" cover
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Netflix just announced that Sex Ed has been renewed for Season 4!

Which made me feel a bit better, having just finished Season 3. This show is so wonderful and I want more!
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I honestly am so tired of watching scenes where Otis and Maeve interact - I lost any interest I had in their relationship somewhere back in season 2. I guess the show writers sidestepped ending the "will they, won't they" question by sending Maeve off to the states, but ugh, I just don't care anymore. I was rooting more for him and Ruby, to be honest, even with her mean girl schtick.*

My husband thinks Rahim and Adam will hook up in the next series, but I would be content to see Rahim helping him explore himself without the messiness of making it sexual. The fact that he now has another genuine friend bodes well. I'm glad that he and Eric didn't stay together - it sat wrong with me last season that Adam's abuse of Eric was slightly glossed over. I really, truly hope that Adam's dad recognises how much he needs to repair his relationship with him now, nevermind what happens with Maureen. The fact that Michael was able to stand up to his brother and call out their dad as a bully does give me hope on that front.

I could've done without the allusions to Hope's absolutely vile behaviour as being somehow related to her infertility struggle, as if her lack of control in that part of her life was causing her to crack down at school, or somehow excused it. I honestly thought Lily was going to attempt suicide after she was dragged on stage. All of that made me so uncomfortable to watch, it was just evil.

*None of which is to say that I was rooting for Maeve and Isaac, I have to agree with wabbittwax that he is bad news, and it killed me to see her apologising to him after he left her in the lurch when her mum took her little sister. Like, as soon as she made it clear she wasn't sure she wanted to be in the relationship with him, he was out of there.
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