Dear Evan Hansen (2021)
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Film adaptation of the Tony and Grammy Award-winning musical about Evan Hansen (Ben Platt), a high school senior with Social Anxiety disorder and his journey of self-discovery and acceptance following the suicide of a fellow classmate.

Currently in theaters.
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I have not seen this yet, but wanted to pull up a front row seat for when people do and come here to discuss it. I am interested in whether people saw the original "It'll be fine, Ben Platt can totally pull off 17!" version or the "Sorry, sorry, sorry! Let us try that again with CGI" version.

Platt not only insisted he was the only person who could properly perform the role, he did so while dating another actor who has performed the role.
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Knowing nothing about the movie/the actor/the musical before seeing the trailer, I was...put the apparent fact that a 31-year-old was insisting on attending high school. And relieved to learn later that other people found it as disquieting-looking.
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So I image searched the 2016 play just to see what Platt looked like at the time to see if he ever did look the part (he did, kind of). But the funniest thing comparing the play to the trailer is how they very obviously shaved his arms. At least it makes more sense than that haircut.
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I thought he was okay? He didn’t look too bad? Maybe I saw the CG edit—it was a free screening. Jeez the plot itself though is so so painful to get through.
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He's fine, he doesn't look that old until you start to notice the scenes where they don't CGI the bags under his eyes quite so well.

The problem is that the plot centers around a kid who gets trapped in a kind of horrific white lie, and it's far easier to buy and forgive from someone who looks young. He'd be fine on Broadway where he's at least 50 feet away. In closeup it's like, damn at your age you should know better.

I think the music is great, and was what I was there for. The plot is not so great, and they made poor choices about which songs to cut and which to keep, which left the movie feeling pretty bloated and long in parts.
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So is the "CGI de-aged version" a hoax? This article says it was a gag that was so plausible sounding, it spread like real news.
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