Supernatural: Season Seven, Time for a Wedding
September 24, 2021 5:32 AM - Season 7, Episode 8 - Subscribe

During the Winchesters' annual trip to Las Vegas Sam, who has been taking time to do some solo camping, calls Dean to ask him to meet him at a Vegas chapel and be the best man at his wedding to Becky Rosen. Dean finds this turn of events extremely suspicious and decides to investigate.


Dean: [about Becky] Shouldn't she ask for my permission or something?
Sam: You want her to ask for my hand?

Sam: Dean, you're paranoid.
Dean: And you're in love? It's been four days, man!

Crowley: This isn't Wall Street; this is Hell. We have a little something called integrity.

Crowley: Sam, mazel tov. Who's the lucky lady?
Becky Rosen-Winchester: You're Crowley!
Crowley: And you're -- well, I'm sure you have a wonderful personality, dear.

Becky Rosen-Winchester: Guy's a really good friend. We met in the erotic horror section at the Novel Hovel.
Guy: Oh, my God, Becky. Come on! T.M.I.

Guy: I love reunions. The desperation! These schlubs will sign on the dotted line for money, power, hair; whatever it takes to impress the nostalgically bangable head cheerleader.

Garth: You Dean? Hmm. I thought you'd be taller.
Dean: I assume Bobby filled you in on the road.
Garth: He told me two things. One, he's tangling with a major-league nest up in Oregon territory. Número dos, he said you'd be all surly and premenstrual working with me.

Craig Burrows: Say, fellas, what's with the third degree?
Garth: Oh, uh, no offense. We were just wondering if you got here by nefarious means.
Dean: Whoa! Garth!
Garth: Oh. Uh, I-I didn't mean, of course, uh, corporate backstabbing. I'm sorry. I meant more like, uh, you know, black magic or hoodoo.

Dean: Okay, you know what? I'm trying to save you from a really bad accident.
Marsha Burrows: Are you threatening me?
Dean: No. No, I-I'm pointing out a pattern. Why do people keep thinking I'm threatening them?
Garth: Because it sounded exactly like a threat, dude.

Sam: [about Garth] What's with the scrawny guy?
Dean: Temp.

Dean: Well, buddy... I gotta say, man, you, uh... you don't suck.
Garth: Thank you. That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me!

Sam: I got you a present.
Becky Rosen-Winchester: His and hers fake I.D.? Aww!

Becky Rosen-Winchester: Sam... just calm down.
Sam: Calm down? You hogtied me to -- Becky, why -- why am I not wearing any pants?
Becky Rosen-Winchester: They're very constricting.
Sam: ...
Becky Rosen-Winchester: Don't worry. I didn't do anything weird.

Becky Rosen-Winchester: He's just a wiccan. Wiccans are good, like Glinda of Oz.
Sam: You're not this stupid, Becky.
Becky Rosen-Winchester: Whatever is killing people... it's something else.
Sam: It's never something else! When are there ever two crazy things in town at the same time? Guy's the creep, and you're on his list.
Becky: No. He's my friend.
Sam: No, he's your dealer. Look, I don't know how much he's charging you for that Spanish Fly—
Becky: Nothing! He gives it to me. And he said it wouldn't even work unless you already loved me, deep down. It just activates it.
Sam: So you think I love you?
Becky: Deep, deep down?
Sam: Then untie me.
Becky: [stuffs a handtowel in Sam's mouth]
Sam: [through his gag, muffled] No. No!
Becky: You're still working through your emotions.
Sam: [through his gag, muffled] Fuck you!
Becky: I love you, too!

Becky Rosen-Winchester: Then I met you guys -- the real Sam and Dean. And I started dating Chuck. And everything was... amazing. But you left, and Chuck dumped me. I think I intimidated him with my vibrant sexuality.

Becky Rosen-Winchester: I know what I am, okay? I'm a loser. In school, in life. Guess that's why I like you so much.
Sam: [through his gag, muffled] What?
Becky Rosen-Winchester: I mean, not that you're a loser, but you had that whole character arc about being a freak, and... I can relate.


The ring that Sam wears in this episode is Jared Padalecki's real wedding ring.

Becky brains Sam with the waffle iron that Dean gave them. Note that the iron has no power cord, no control dials or switches, and rather long handles. It is made for cooking over a fire while camping, not backpacking but camping where you pitch a tent 50 feet from your parked car.

Garth is previously mentioned in "Weekend at Bobby's" (ep. 6.4), when he calls for advice on a vampire he's hunting and we hear Bobby's side of the conversation.
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I should think that most married male actors who are playing married characters would simply wear their own wedding rings rather than be supplied with one by the costume department. It would save money and trouble and most men wear a standard-looking gold band that's indistinguishable from any other anyway. Married actresses playing married women would likely usually be supplied with rings to specifically suit the role they're playing rather than wear their own rings, as women's wedding and engagement rings can be quite distinctive.

OH BECKY. I don't know how she could have gone so far off the rails as to pull something like this. This is really deranged and unprincipled -- and dumb, in a way that Becky isn't. It honestly feels like a big fuck you to the fans, like a "this is how batshit we think you are". At least she didn't go so far as to have non-consensual sex with Sam, though it seems like a contrivance that she didn't. I mean, she went to her high school reunion first thing after she got married in order to show Sam off, instead of going on a honeymoon?

The situation reminds me of a nightmare college roommate I had who could never make or keep friends because of her deeply unpleasant personality (I am as sure as a layperson can be that she is undiagnosed NPD combined with anxiety, and probably a few other things), though she worked very hard to convince herself and others it was because everyone was mean to her for no reason. Amazingly, she managed to find a guy who was willing to sign up to take her shit for the rest of his life, married him at age 26, and then for the next two years kept going on and on about how she couldn't wait until her high school reunion. She seemed to think everyone was going to be so impressed by her husband (which, no) or she was going to "show them" or some such. But I never heard about her going to a ten-year reunion, and I suspect there wasn't one because no one could be bothered to arrange one. So far as I know there wasn't one for my high school class, and I know there wasn't one for a close friend of mine who graduated two years ahead of me because she was willing to arrange one but couldn't find anyone else who would would work with her to do that but one guy she had never liked. Normal, functional people don't care very much about high school reunions because they're too busy living their present-day lives, but this was a concept utterly foreign to former roomie, and she didn't get to live out her sad revenge fantasy, heh.

The waffle iron wedding present detail is hilarious. It's exactly the kind of random present Dean would buy when he wanted to get something, anything, to do right by Sam, even though he's flabbergasted by Sam's "marriage", and has no clue what Sam and Becky might want or need. Did he even realize it was a camping waffle iron rather than a kitchen waffle iron, or was he unable to imagine Sam living a settled existence? And then Becky brains Sam with it. I could probably write an entire mini-dissertation on how that waffle iron is emblematic of the Winchesters' entire existence.

Becky Rosen will appear just once more, and thankfully will have matured out of her crazy fan behaviour next time we see her, though she'll still be a Supernatural fan.

Garth is a fun character, and he appears in five more episodes after this one.

I did some googling on DJ Qualls. He grew up in Tennessee, studied at the University of London, and did modelling work for Prada (!!!) as well as some other advertising campaigns. He is a cancer survivor, and he had COVID earlier this year. He is clearly pro-vax and anti-Trump. He came out as gay in 2020. He seems fun and friendly on Twitter (i.e., he bought Carol Channing's jewelry box at a charity auction and said it was 'the gayest thing he had ever done"), and seems to have enjoyed his time on the Supernatural set, saying that Padalecki and Ackles treated him like a main cast member by pranking and messing him with from day one. So he's another Supernatural cast member I'm chalking up in the "seems like a decent person so far as Google tells me" category.
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Maybe Dean picked that waffle iron because Sam kept insisting he was camping or hiking (or whatever term he kept using). More realistically, however, is that Dean has no clue.

I don't know what to say about this episode, except that it left a sour taste, precisely because of how Becky was treated. It was such a cliche and the character really didn't deserve this story. Okay, she has always been problematic, but as you said, orange swan, not this stupid. Even if she were just a fan of the books, she should know how these kinds of deals end. Given her lived experiences, there is no way she should have fallen for this.

I wish we could have gotten some sense of what happened between here and Chuck. I would have loved to have had her reaction to Chuck's true nature.
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I love Garth and it's sad we didn't get more of him, and part of that is that DJ Qualls is just a delight that I'm always pleased to see. He's in a really good episode of the Shudder Creepshow series as a guy whose finds himself with a tiny and way too loyal demon for a pet.
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Garth is an interesting character in that he's a successful hunter (well, at least he's still alive) but he's not as slick and smooth and skilled as the Winchesters. He also doesn't have the benefit of having a trusted partner, like the boys do. As hard as the job is do with with family members offering support, it must be exponentially harder to do it as a solo act.
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Big fan of DJ Qualls. Liked him in 'The Man in the High Castle' and 'Z Nation' in very different roles.

I've known people like your erstwhile roommate, orange swan, they seem to me like people who retain an entitlement to being special especially when know that they're not, and resort to self delusion and ostentatious displays of success - even when objectively the displays are anything but.

Although my highschool had a 10 year reunion, are they like homecoming much less important in Canada than it is in the US?
posted by porpoise at 8:16 PM on September 24, 2021

Yeah, not a fan. There are, theoretically, the kernels of a decent comedy or horror story or both in the mix here, but boy that is not what they landed on.

Whatever my feelings on Becky, and gosh there are plenty, it is some stone cold nonsense that I'm supposed to believe Chuck is the less cringey half of that relationship.

As hard as the job is do with with family members offering support, it must be exponentially harder to do it as a solo act.

And Garth doesn't come off as somebody who doesn't like being around other people or is hard to get along with, but yeah, you have to think he has a radically different way of making it work than Sam and Dean, or even when John or Bobby were hunting alone.

Sam and Dean will barely throw together the world's saddest motel Christmas when one of them is dying, but Vegas Week is sacred. I don't need to know the story there or what they like so much about it, I forgot there actually was an episode set there (probably because it's this one.) But as a random background detail, it seems fitting that they do actually have a traditional family holiday, it's just one they made up for themselves.
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I've known people like your erstwhile roommate, orange swan, they seem to me like people who retain an entitlement to being special especially when know that they're not, and resort to self delusion and ostentatious displays of success - even when objectively the displays are anything but.

Oooh, you've definitely known people like my ex-roommate, porpoise, because you just nailed one of the defining aspects of her personality.

I'm sure Dean is the one who likes Vegas more and would be the one who insists on Vegas Week. He'd be into the strippers (literally), while Sam wouldn't. I can't see Sam liking Vegas other than as an opportunity to fill his pockets from gambling, so yes, I can see him going along with Dean's insistence on going there because it'll help them out financially, but then buggering off to go for a hike in the desert while Dean hangs out at strip clubs.
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