Reservation Dogs: Satvrday
September 24, 2021 12:45 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The Reservation Dogs try their hand at being vigilantes as a tornado rolls into town.
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This series was excellent. I was a little reluctant to start it because I don't generally like shows about teenagers, but this really isn't a high school show. I particularly enjoyed the way the series unfurled, starting with the group, then proceeding to individual character episodes, then the group again. (Cheese is my favorite character, and his episode was the one I enjoyed the most, and it's really not close! But everyone was great.)

To be honest, the season ended well enough that I'd be happy if it were the end of the show, but I don't trust that the very talented people involved with the show will get another opportunity to do something this good! So I hope there's another season, and we get to see how Ellora's escape works out.
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I also am not into shows about teens, but you're absolutely right that it isn't really and is really against type (dealing with petty concerns of predominantly white, suburban, and rich kids). I wonder if they could have gotten more recognition/ viewership of the show if they had initially described it differently.

Whatever happens to this show, I love that there was enough skill and budget to get some actors a bunch of high quality exposure. Especially the veteran actors doing enough lifting to allow the less established actors an opportunity to shine.

There was enough depth to most characters that they are all likable, my favourite is Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis) who in an impromptu interview professed the authenticity and naturalness of the writing.

(although Cheese's shirt this episode is fantastic)

Of the adults, Uncle Brownie (Gary Farmer) knocked it out of the park for me, followed very closely by Big (Zahn McClarnon).

Another little thing, iirc the show has used "white jesus" as a phrase and I love that. I've heard/ seen the reference off and on a good bit - is that, like, a thing?
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It's funny, because my favorite (main) character is Willie Jack — but — there's so much to love with all of them. It's already been picked up for at least one more season, which is obviously great news!

The Vulture article is giving me a lot to think about. I wasn't really very much aware of the controversy surrounding the show and I really have some research and reading to do to get caught up on the issues.

Best show I've seen in 2021.
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Huh, thanks for pointing out that bit in The Vulture article.

I see the point, but it feels a little axe-grindy to me; if it was framed as that "'Reservation Dogs' made a big step in native representation, that hopefully it could also open doors for Afro-Indigenous representation next season," I would be all over the sentiment and the history lesson.

Also then seguing to talking about Afro-Latinx, and the adoption of hip-hop culture.

I was going to try to talk about that in my last comment, but I'm not on the ground and didn't want to change subjects - it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine over general portrayals of various (US) Asian (various) groups adopting hip-hop culture. As a minority (in a certain time period), it's a bit of a survival instinct regarding belongingness - and in the context of youth, the lack of desirable role models of their ethnicity.

Not to mention Wu-Tang Clan whatever-it-did-with "Asian" culture.

That Vulture article also fails to mention White Steve, in the context of this season finale.
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(although Cheese's shirt this episode is fantastic)

I noticed it, but I didn't understand what it meant beyond Bigfoot outline and Oklahoma outline. I can't remember what we know of Cheese's parental situation, but the fact that he continued to hang out with his adopted grandmother makes me love him even more.

Ditto on Willie Jack being my favorite. Her parents are awesome too, and they deserved that anniversary gift. Each of the foursome has at least one loving elder, except Elora, and it drives her away. I wish she were closer to Brownie. His medicine is strong, and she could use some of that. How great was it that we get to hear Mose and Mekko lamenting their flat bike tires after the storm?

Dallas Goldtooth as William Knife-man makes a whole meal of that role with just a few scenes. As much as I love this show, I still can't get over how beautifully made it is. Written, cast, filmed. It's just a level above most of what I've watched.
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I see the point, but it feels a little axe-grindy to me

Agreed—it feels like a case of 'whatabboutism' in representation. And the source of the supposed "controversy" seems to be one person with a particular axe to grind on Twitter (surprise).
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I noticed it, but I didn't understand what it meant beyond Bigfoot outline and Oklahoma outline.

My guess is that it came from Bigfoot Creative, a firm out of Norman, OK.
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Cheese's shirt is from a friend's shop here in Tulsa. She's very involved in promoting Tulsa arts and repping Oklahoma in general to the nation/world. She also happens to own the house from the Outsiders movie and has turned it into a museum.

My bet is Elora and Jackie don't make it to California. I'm guessing OKC or Tulsa. All Jackie mentions in the final scene is "the city".

Dallas Goldtooth is making the most out of his role and I am HERE for it.

I'm Cherokee and we have a long history and some major issues when it comes to recognizing Freedmen and their role in our culture and what they are owed. I voted twice (it didn't pass the first time) to include them as full members of the tribe. I'm happy we finally did the right thing.

That being said, I'm not particularly cool with the whole 'controversy' over the inclusion or exclusion of black indians in this show. Can we not just celebrate the fact that a major American television network actually showed a full season of a program created entirely by and starring exclusively native people? I'm all for everyone getting their dues, but sometimes if feels like the left in America--and I identify as WAY left--is constantly in a rush to give itself a black eye over representation not being 100% perfect every time. That shit can get maddening.

As far as hip-hop culture being appropriated by other ethnicities . . . Hip-hop has been top of all the major charts for almost 20 years. It's what happens when music is popular. In the 80's everyone looked like they were in a hair metal band. In the 90's we all looked like the Way-Mart version of Nirvana. In 2000 and beyond everybody wants to be Jay-Z. It's popular culture.
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thanks for that, kaiseki. I couldn't agree more.
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Can we not just celebrate the fact that a major American television network actually showed a full season of a program created entirely by and starring exclusively native people?

To that end, this video came up for me Reservation Dogs TV Show - Native Americans React! These guys enjoy the show so much, and I love watching them talk about it and the memes from other native people.
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I was perusing YouTube and ran into a video from the 1491s in my watched list. More Sterlin Harjo and Dallas Goldtooth.
Looks like they've been working together awhile.
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