Y: The Last Man: Mann Hunt
September 27, 2021 5:44 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Yorik and Agent 355 search for Dr. Allison Mann in war-torn Boston. Back in D.C., Jennifer hides the truth about Yorick from her political rivals.
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The protester snapping at Yorick to be useful, when by virtue of existing he's more useful than she could possibly imagine, but also, yeah. Be useful, Yorick.

I also want to hear the tuna fish joke.

355's unexpected encounter with her, um, colleague .. how the heck did 355 wind up in the Culper Ring?

Yorick: Did you draw all these dicks?
Allison: People grieve in their own way.

Allison describing the loss of all creatures with Y chromosome - not just men, not just humans.

355 lied about talking to the president. She's good at cover stories with military but when Yorick pushes for details she tells him his mom said "hi." As if she doesn't know what a loving parent would say to a child they were afraid for.

(Dammit, I misspelled Yorick in the description).
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By this point there should be no more short lived insects. In a few months almost all insects will be gone and with them goes the possibility of growing most traditional crops. Half the worlds population is dead but the other half is still alive and supply networks are shot to hell. There should be a lot more disorder and violence in this world.
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Non-mammals generally don’t use the XY chromosomes for sex determination. See this Wikipedia article.

I’ve just made the assumption that whatever was killing all those with Y chromosomes is only killing mammals.
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Fascinating wikipedia article, thank you ShooBoo!

I came over to share another wikipedia link. I was half-listening to an interview on NPR when I heard the Culper Ring mentioned. It was a spy ring during the U.S. Revolutionary War, organized by Benjamin Tallmadge and George Washington.
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Pleased to see Diana Bang again.
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I am really curious about the procedure behind swearing in one president, and then another person higher in the line of succession being found. Regina looks almost fully recovered.

Tangentially related: I sort of enjoyed watching Y: The Last Man and getting welcomed to Annie Murphy's vagina on every commercial break. It's disconcerting now to see Hims ad buy dominate the space with ED and hair loss.
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Yeah, the science here about a suitable lab is complete and utter bs. There is absolutely nothing in SF/ world (regardless of laws prohibiting "that kind of research") that wouldn't be available in Washington DC. Or nearby Boston.

The Y-chromosome-specific chemical/ virus - plausible, but kept deliberately vague or order to maintain plausibility.

Ashlyn Tamblyn does a great job of conveying that Kimberly Cunningham a really terrible person.
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