Supernatural: Out With the Old
October 2, 2021 4:51 AM - Season 7, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Sam and Dean stumble onto a part of the leviathans' ultimate plot while tracking down some cursed objects in a small town.


Sam: It doesn't matter where I go Dean. Lucifer will not shut up.
Dean: Even now?
Sam: He's singing "Stairway to Heaven" right now.
Dean: Good song.
Sam: Not fifty times in a row.

Dean: What, are you going for, like, the Guinness record of caffeine consumption? That's like your fifth this morning.
Sam: Yeah, well, every time I close my eyes, Lucifer is yelling into my head. It's like I let him in once, now I can't get rid of him.
Dean: You know he's not actually...
Sam: Yeah. Yeah, no. I know. Uh, try telling that to the volume control inside my brain.

Dean: Are you all right?
Sam: You know, they say that sleep deprivation is an "enhanced interrogation technique"?
Dean: Yeah.
Sam: Trust me, it's torture.

Dean: I hear they have good coffee in Portland.
Sam: Dude, that's Seattle.

Dean: Frank, hey, I don't mean to double-dip in your crazy sauce. No offense.
Frank: None taken, Fudge Pop.

Frank: You know, I could be in Tromso right now. Zero leviathan activity in Tromso.
Dean: Where the hell is Tromso?
Frank: Norway, ya moron!

Dean: Frank, tell me you got something.
Frank: No, I'm calling with the Lakers-Celtics score.
Dean: What?
Frank: Of course I got something.

Dean: I hit a firewall when I tried to access its site. You think you can crack it?
Frank: Can a dog play poker?
Dean: I don't...
Frank: The answer is "yes."

Frank: You were trying to access the Geothrive internal site, and the reason why you couldn't is 'cause if you dig down deep, it's all Dick.
Dean: Yeah, well, that'd be helpful if you didn't say that about everything.

Dean: We're lookin' at a big, old giant nesting doll of Dick.

Frank: If I were you, I'd get out of Dodge, pronto.
Dean: People are dying here, Frank.
Frank: Sure, every second. Check the obesity stats. That town ain't nothin' special.

Dean: Dancers. They are toe shoes full of crazy.
Sam: And you would know this how?
Dean: I saw Black Swan. Twice. Hot tutu-on-tutu action. Come on, Sam, what's wrong with you?
Sam: Wow. The depths of your...

Sam: [about the cursed ballet slippers] Do they... look like they're... your size?
Dean: Shut up.
Sam: Wait, are you --
Dean: Getting the strong urge to Prince Siegfried myself into oblivion? Yes.
Sam: You really did see Black Swan.

Sam: You okay there, Baryshnikov?
Dean: Yeah.. Yeah, I'm "pas de done".

Sam: [tracking down cursed objects] We got a gramophone sold to Brenda Gluck, 413 River Street, and a vintage gentleman's magazine sold to Peter Yankit, 27 Johnson Lane.
Dean: You know, I wonder how old porn kills you.
Sam: Pretty sure you don't want to know.

Dean: Hey. Got the porn. Just in time, too.
Sam: What was he doing?
Dean: Like you said, you don't want to know.

Joyce Bicklebee: We have a chain of command here, George. You see a Winchester, you don't eat him. You tell me, and *I* eat him.

Joyce Bicklebee: Do you know how many assistants I've had since taking this body, George?
George: Maybe three?
Joyce Bicklebee: *Five*. I leave it to your imagination what happened to the first four.

Dean: You're the lady from the real-estate signs.
Joyce Bicklebee: Yes. You like my photo?
Dean: Oh, you might want to lay off the whitening strips.

Dean: Listen to me, you gooey son of a bitch. You're gonna tell us what you're building here, or I'm gonna wash your mouth out with soap.
George: Well, I was hoping we could play nice.

Dean: Monsters cure cancer. A sentence I never thought I'd say. Why does it make me so nervous?


In the opening scene, a dancer mocks Irina by saying, "She just vants to be alone." In the 1932 movie Grand Hotel, the Swedish actress Greta Garbo plays an aging Russian ballerina. At one point the character says, "I want to be alone." That line is one of the top 50 movie quotes of all time.

The music playing while Irina is dancing to her death in the cursed shoes is from Princess Odette's death in Swan Lake. When attracted to the ballet shoes, Dean admits getting the urge to Prince Siegfried himself into oblivion. Prince Siegfried is the male lead in Swan Lake. Siegfried dies in Act 4.

When Dean is having a moment with the ballet shoes, Sam calls him Baryshnikov. Mikhail Nikolaevich Baryshnikov is a Russian-American dancer and choreographer.

At the coffee kiosk Sam orders a triple red eye, the same drink he ordered as a kid in "The Girl Next Door" (ep. 7.3).

In line with the general rock theme, Sam identifies himself to the 911 operator as Bruce Hornsby.

Frank tells Dean he's calling with the Lakers/Celtics score. The Lakers beat the Celtics 97-94 five days before the airing of this episode.

When Sam and Dean recover the cursed objects, Dean carries the porn in a brown box with symbols and sigils on them. The biggest symbol on the top of the box is the Sigil of Aquarius, the symbol used by the Men of Letters that Sam and Dean will discover in "As Time Goes By" (ep. 8.12).
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The scene with Sam and Dean struggling to get the toe shoes off the little girl was hilarious the first time I saw it and was no less funny this time (i.e., "[she kicks Dean in the face] Sorry! [kicks him in the face again] Sorry!")

I can't help but wish we'd seen Dean put on those pink satin toe shoes, but I bet toe shoes don't come in his size.

I thought I recognized Mary Page Keller from a role on NYPD Blue, and when I checked her IMDb page I found I was correct. She also played a realtor on that show, except a very much not evil one. She does have that perky realtor look and energy.

I would have thought that the woman with the gramophone would have more questions and comments about the gramophone and Sam's presence in her house.

Sam really ought to have known better than to try to drive when he was so exhausted.

Poor Frank. I rather liked his character and wished he'd lasted longer. But... Sam and Dean are about to meet an even better computer genius.
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Pointe shoes sometimes have their own sizing standards (and a bit like climbing shoes, they're meant to fit tighter), but sizes up to 11 men's are common. For professionals, they're typically custom made anyway.

Frank was ok, but I got the feeling that he was a poor casting director's Patton Oswalt.

I wonder what the prop makers were thinking "Portland Police: The Force that Works," which doesn't seem to be a real thing.
posted by porpoise at 7:02 PM on October 2, 2021

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