Triangle (2009)
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The story revolves around the passengers of a yachting trip in the Atlantic Ocean who, when struck by mysterious weather conditions, jump to another ship only to experience greater havoc on the open seas.

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This movie was amazing, and I can never watch it again. God, the scene where Jess chases Sally to where all the other dead Sallys are...
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I remember this now! It was fun. I liked the loops and the progression of Jess's character (such as it was, anyway).
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Saw this at like 3am on a free preview of hbo or something and really liked it. As M Night Shyamalan says, "what a twist!"
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She deliberately stiffs the cab driver, what a jerk!
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There's actually a popular theory online that the cab driver is part of her Sisyphean ordeal, sort of a ferry over the river to the afterlife thing she missed.
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Yeah, I read that after my post. How about this one then, for a flippant comment:

Triangle is kind of a less shitty version of Primer.
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I actually like Primer, too. I'd probably say Triangle is a less sterile version of Primer.

They're sort of in a category with Timecrimes, for me.
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I've never seen Timecrimes (this is actually the first I have heard of it), but that is about to be remedied. Although I did ruin it by reading the Wikipedia plot synapsis, unfortunately.

Incidentally, I too liked Primer but I also know it is a MeFi favorite, so I wanted to disparage it to get a rise out of people. Shame on me.
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Great movie, and it stands up to repeated viewings. I liked the timeline breakdown in the provided link. And I am surprised to find that I buy into the Jess-as-Sisyphus theory. It explains so many weird moments and bits of dialogue that I can't not buy it.

Some argued in the FFTalk thread that this was not a horror movie, but a time travel/mind-bender instead. I figured it was at least a crossover movie, but it seems to play right into horror tropes and it's mostly marketed as a horror film based on the posters I've seen.
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On rewatch, the sad moment near the beginning where she consoles her kid after his bad dream is devastating. Because at that point, you know about the suffering she's enduring and how she probably really has changed.

On the first watch, it's incongruous. Why is she so awful only a few seconds later? And the answer of course is, that she isn't the same person; she hasn't even begun her journey.
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I think the Reddit thread has it.

And brrr, the Sallies...
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Yeah, I'll accept the reddit breakdown too. I guess she'll escape eventually when the boat sinks under the weight of accumulated corpses and lockets.
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Just saw this yesterday, based on MeFi recommendations! Now I gotta read all the things about it.

In the interviews extras on the DVD, the filmmakers did say that they intended it to be sort of a crossover film, where you start out thinking it's one type of movie and that gets subverted. I kind of saw the ending coming, but it was still jarring that the loop would repeat because I held out hope that she would break free.
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I'm gonna have to watch this movie again after reading that Reddit breakdown...
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This was kind of a cool psychological thriller, and quite ingeniously written. I wanted to slap Jess while I was watching this. Instead of considering, say, "I'll talk to my friends and try to figure out how to break the loop" as a possible solution, she goes right to "I'll kill all my friends." But I guess from what we saw of the way she treats her kid, the idea is that she's already on the brink of really losing it from the stress of every day life before anything happens.
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Given the Reddit explanation, where/how/why does the storm fit in? Why did the others have to die in a magical hellstorm because of what she did?
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This movie is now on Amazon Prime to stream for free. Time to recommend it to all of my friends again.
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For double feature fun, here's a link to Timecrimes.
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