Supernatural: Bitten
October 13, 2021 5:28 AM - Season 8, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Sam and Dean come across a video made by three college kids whose lives were turned upside down by a werewolf attack.


Kate: [about Sam and Dean] Those guys aren't FBI, all right? I'm pretty sure that FBI agents don't say "awesome" that much, you know? And they definitely don't hunt and kill college kids.
Michael Wheeler: Did they say anything else?
Brian Wilcox: Dude, they just sat and talked about how they've been apart for a year. You were probably right about that whole office-romance thing.

Dean: Hey, Sam?
Sam: Yeah?
Dean: Do I really say "awesome" a lot?
Sam: No.
Dean: [looks at a picture of Kate] Awesome.

Michael Wheeler: Please tell me you taped it.
Brian Wilcox: Come on. Who loves you?
Michael Wheeler: [laughs] Aww. I wish I could quit you.

Brian Wilcox: I want to see what you guys see... do what you do. I'm sick of being Piggy; I want to be Ralph.

Brian Wilcox: These girls?
Michael Wheeler: Yep.
Brian Wilcox: Okay. #fails. [as he turns the camera to each girl in turn] Homeschooled. Secretly in love with her roommate. Listens to country music.

Michael Wheeler: I'm a werewolf. A werewolf!
Kate: Michael, come on. Baby, you need to calm down.
Michael Wheeler: Calm down? I'm a werewolf!

Michael Wheeler: [filming] In a world where nothing is what it seems... one brave, shockingly handsome, virile young man... [turns the camera turn Brian] and his faithful, learning-disabled, robotic manservant...
Brian Wilcox: Oh, no.
Michael Wheeler [turns camera to café] ... must battle through waves of cybernetic asshats in order to sexually liberate the women of...
Brian Wilcox: [takes camera] Okay. Give me that.

Sam: Dude, two burgers?
Dean: Hey, I didn't eat at Big P's for at least a year, okay? Clear eyes and clogged arteries -- can't lose.

Sam: So, what? We're hunting a werewolf with a pedigree?
Dean: Awesome. Let's hope he has his papers.


When Brian says, "I'm tired of being Piggy; I want to be Ralph," it is a reference to Lord of the Flies.

The song playing in the beginning is called "What's the Matter", by Milo Greene.

Sam and Dean use the names "Hudson and Rose" after Guns n' Roses performers Saul Hudson and Axl Rose.

When Michael shouts, "I am a golden god!", this is in reference to Robert Plant, the lead singer of Led Zeppelin, who shouted the same thing while overlooking the Sunset Strip from his hotel balcony.

Dean's "clear eyes and clogged arteries, can't lose" line is a reference to "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose", the football team's slogan from the TV show Friday Night Lights.

When Brian tells Michael that he filmed the lecture for him, Michael says, "I wish I could quit you." He is quoting from the 2005 movie Brokeback Mountain.

When Brian first spots Sam and Dean, he calls them Starsky and Hutch. This is a reference to the main characters from the 1970's cop TV show of the same name. Michael calls them Rizzoli and Isles, a reference to the eponymous female homicide detective and medical examiner who were on TNT in a show by that name at the time.

Story holds similarity to that of the 1994 movie Wolf starring Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, and James Spader.

When Brian and Michael are filming Sam and Dean in an effort to find out what they know and why the FBI is investigating, as they zoom in the volume goes up. Cameras do not work this way. The increased volume would require either a high sensitive directional mic (which they do not have), or a boom mic which wouldn't allow them to get any closer without being spotted.

In Brian and Mike's apartment, there is a poster for the 2000 short Coven, the low budget indie horror film, the making of which is chronicled in the 1999 documentary American Movie.
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Brit Sheridan, who played Kate, reminds me SO much of Rachel McAdams.

I seem to recall that in an earlier episode with werewolves, if the pureblood was killed, any people he had bitten who hadn't yet feasted on a human heart reverted to normal. Sam and Dean killed the professor, who was supposedly the pureblood, and that should have cured Mike, who would not then have turned Kate.

It makes me laugh that the professor had those Reader's Digest omnibus "condensed" novels in his bookcases. I suppose those get used a lot as props because they're faux leather bound with gilt lettering and they can pass for expensive/learned tomes when seen briefly in the background, and are easily obtainable, but no university professor would ever have them in their office.

I liked Michael's decency. When he's assessing the girls at the café, rather than assessing their looks, he makes up funny fictional reasons for why he wouldn't date them. He refused to turn Brian, and fought his werewolf instincts as hard as he could. By the same token, I rather enjoyed rapey asshole Scott's death.
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I didn’t care for this one as much as the haunted house one. I also can’t believe this is the first time the boys can see that a person didn’t decide to become a monster. This was a long, hard slough of a watch.
posted by sardonyx at 7:22 AM on October 13, 2021

I can appreciate what they were trying here, I like that they try stuff like this even if it doesn’t really work, but yeah this goes on the pile of “some good stuff here but doesn’t really come together” episodes.
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