Koi Jaane Na (2021)
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A heartbroken writer struggling with writer's block goes to a quiet hill station where he finds love again but uncovers a copycat serial killer who has mysteriously come alive and is killing everyone around him.

Streaming in the US on Amazon Prime.
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This is a bad movie and the only reason to watch it is for the musical number that features Aamir Khan, the world's greatest living movie star. But you can watch that on YouTube and skip the rest. So you should do that.

It's been three years since Khan made Thugs of Hindostan, a film so bad he apologized for it. Between the fallout from that and COVID, he's been gone a long time. It's okay to miss him. He is the very best. But this isn't much to tide you over.
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Ha, making a post to tell people not to watch a movie, but to instead watch a YouTube video, and not provide a link to the video, is quite the choice! I take it it this is the one?

I hadn't heard of Aamir Khan before now, but thanks for putting him on my radar. This was much better than the last Bollywood number I saw, which was... earlier today, in Eternals, featuring Kumail Nanjini, who admitted in interviews that he's "not much of a dancer."
posted by ejs at 8:52 PM on November 5, 2021

If you're new to Aamir Khan, watch PK or 3 Idiots. He's wonderful.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 4:44 PM on November 6, 2021

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