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October 24, 2021 6:44 PM - Season 2 (Full Season) - Subscribe

The Locke family continues their exploration into the magical keys of Key House and their battle against the dark forces who want to steal them for nefarious purposes. A Netflix original, based on the comic books written by Joe Hill.
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Just in case folks in this thread have read the books, I posted this spoiler-free Ask question about the books vs series! Thanks in advance (and looking forward to watching this)
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If, like me, you quickly binged this when it came out a year and a half ago, you might want to rewatch season one or read up on it before watching season two. I was pretty ruh???? about a lot of the minutia they expect you to have retained and the "explainer" before season two starts is cursory.
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Looks like it got picked up for a 3rd season - I kind of wonder where they'll go with it then given the closing events of this season. Also, Matheson doesn't seem to have the largest population, so I'm kind of skeptical about things remaining "normal" seeming if the body count starts getting too high. It already got kind of ridiculous this season. Granted, like Sunnydale in Buffy, there is a literal hellmouth in town.
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I have to say, this season wore out any remaining enthusiasm I had for this show. It's the kind of TV writing that leaves me cold - piles of mysteries and minutiae and shocker moments but very little work in the writer's room to think anything through for real consequences, or write characters who act like real people rather than reaction machines, or generate a truly coherent narrative. Characters spout exposition at each other but never seem to have convincing conversations about their situation.
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