Maya and the Three: A Netflix Limited Series
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A Mesoamerican warrior princess embarks on a quest to recruit three legendary fighters to help save the world of gods and humankind. From Jorge R. Guttiérrez, the director of The Book of Life. Starring Zoe Saldana.
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I did not realize this was the director of Book of Life! At one point I actually thought "this is what I wanted Book of Life to be."

Anyway this series ruled. It started as a pretty bog standard princess narrative but quickly evolbed into something completely different. I actually found myself genuinely choked up at the end (when a certain trio of characters return) and found that the story and relationships worked on both personal and metaphorical levels.

I don't think this should be turned into a regular series (the ending is terrific) but if Guttiérrez wants to do an anthology series adapting mesoamerican myths I would be pretty happy.
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This series evokes a bunch of complex feelings in me. Crying by the end and not just because of the plot.

Felt like a huge world. Glad Guttiérrez didn't stick to historical accuracy. It's epic adventure! The animation is stuffed full. Lavish detail. Overwhelming at times. Is Maya's helmet a Gatchaman reference? Do roosters lay eggs?

I want my kids to watch this and see themselves. I wish I had this growing up. Watched it over the course of a week. Need to go back and savor the details.
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Fantastic! I managed to stretch it out over multiple days, and every single episode had moments of stunning gorgeousness.
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I'm not quite halfway through this, and I'm struggling between watching a new episode vs rewatching what I've already seen. There's so much to take in and it feels like a triumph on every level.
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This article has some really cool in-depth discussion of how they designed the show: The Indigenous influences on Netflix’s ‘Maya and the Three,’ explained

Lots of nice concept art and a few stills from the show here: Breaking Down the Elaborate Designs of ‘Maya and the Three’
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