Come From Away (2021) (2021)
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The first time I heard it was an npr special and I cried and laughted so hard. It was catartic of traumas half forgotten.

I saw this film during the days of the caotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and while I still lived it ( SUDDENLY ❤️) , every political word has now such a bitter undertone. The poor middle Eastern guy, the hatred that will start to build under the goodwill for the next 20 years...

This is a feelgood trip to the people we still wish we were.
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I was teary or crying the entire time. I did not think I would be so overwhelmed, but the opener got me. The live show is coming to Minneapolis in January, so I am thinking about going. I loved the concept of one actor playing multiple roles and the accents were so good.

I tried to add this on Friday or Saturday and Fanfare would not let me. Glad to see it's available now.
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I saw the touring production when it came to SF a few years ago and was BLOWN AWAY. I wasn't super familiar with it going in, but I was already predisposed to liking it as a homesick Canadian (as were, I suspect, many others in the audience - we cheered for Shoppers Drug Mart!). The technical ability of the actors seamlessly transitioning between roles and settings on such a minimal set was remarkable. The recording captures some of that, but there is something that much more visceral about seeing done live on stage. soleo, I would 100% recommend going if you are able to do so.
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I was at the Broadway reopening a few weeks ago. It was a wonderful night; it was my first time seeing the show, and like everyone says above, it's so well put together. I look forward to watching this recording soon.
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Same as btfreak, I was not familiar when I saw the touring show a few years ago. It has become my absolute favorite!! Just a joy to watch. The movie version has made me so happy. I’ve also enjoyed the related you tube videos about the original cast.
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A friend of mine was one of the “Come From Aways” in real life (he was on a red eye from Heathrow to Dulles, returning from a late summer visit to friends and family in the UK, I believe, when the attacks happened). I’ve not seen the musical, but he had very kind things to say about the community, in his dry British way. I was just discussing with my wife how musicals generally don’t do anything for me, but since I have a personal connection, this one might. This is on my to-see list.
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I saw this in December 2019, and -- despite having to tell the person next to me to just TURN OFF HIS PHONE -- it was amazing, and, as is so often the case for a well-done video production of the stage show, this was nearly as good. I was weepy the entire time watching it. And honestly I don't see how this could have been as effective as a standard movie musical.
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