Supernatural: I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
November 1, 2021 9:23 PM - Season 9, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Sam is comatose with a grim prognosis due to the aftereffects of the trials, and Dean asks for help from the angels. Castiel has been stripped of his powers and tries to adjust to being human as the angels pursue him.


Death: I must admit when I heard it was you, well... I had to come myself.
Sam: I bet you get off on this.
Death: Perhaps. But not in the way you assume. I consider it quite the honour to be collecting the likes of Sam Winchester. I try so hard not to pass judgment at times like this. Not my bag, you see, but you.... Well played, my boy.

Kim Schortz: [Grief counselor enters Sam's hospital room to talk to Dean] I'm afraid as hard as this may be, this might be a good time to talk... about the inevitable.
Dean: Look, I'm sure you're a nice person, and that you mean well, but inevitable... that's a funny word where I come from. There's always a way.
Kim Schortz: And I'm a prayerful woman, who believes in miracles just as much as the next. But I also know how to read an EEG, and unless you're telling me you have a direct line to those angels that you were looking for...
Dean: Yeah... no, I, uh, guess I don't. But I might have something better. I've got the King of Hell in my trunk. [leaves the room]
Kim Schortz: [calling after him] Uh, is -- is that... is that a metaphor?

Sam: You've been driving around with me passed out in the passenger's seat for a day?
Dean: Oh, I mean, I stopped, you know, let a few Japanese tourists take some pictures. Nobody got too handsy.

Trucker: How about a lift, hmm?
Castiel: Yes. Good. I would fly, but I -- I have no wings, not anymore.
Trucker: ... Right.

Kim Schortz: Tell me where Castiel is, or your brother's gonna wish he were dead.
Dean: Good luck getting past the warding.
Kim Schortz: But we will. And when we do, I'm gonna strip off all his skin, and you're gonna watch.
Dean Winchester: Bite me.
Kim Schortz: [punches Dean; he flies across the room]
Dean: [gets up] Anybody ever tell you you hit like an angel?

Dean: Are you saying there's no way to save my brother's life?
Ezekiel: No good ways, I'm afraid.
Dean: Well, what are the bad ones?

Castiel: Hang up the phone.
Biker: Excuse me?
Castiel: This is an emergency. I don't want to hurt you.
Biker: [into the phone] Hold on, hon. [turns to Castiel] Sure you do. Hurt me.
Castiel: [reaches out his hand to use his angel powers, nothing happens] I'm sorry.
Biker: Right. I'm gonna finish this call. Then I'm gonna stab you.


This episode shares its name with a song from the musical Annie.

Near the end of the episode Castiel is in the laundromat and sees a vending machine with candy and snacks. On the bottom row of the vending machine is a Big Cat candy bar. Big Cat brand candy bars were also in The Walking Dead. Jensen Ackles is a big fan of The Walking Dead comics and show. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played John Winchester, stars as Neegan on the show.

When Castiel is in the passenger seat, putting his seat belt on before grabbing the wheel from Hael, there is blood splatter seen on the headrests and side walls inside the car BEFORE they crash into the tree and get bloody.

In "Frontierland" (ep. 6.18) Castiel heals himself from a seemingly mortal wound by touching Bobby's soul. It seems like Ezekiel should have been able to do the same thing to heal himself.

The biker Castiel confronts at the payphone is wearing a patch that says "Hardcore Biker Babe".
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This episode was definitely very angel-y.

That visual of Hael after the car crash, with her lacerated legs... yikes.

There seems to be some rule that white angels have to have extraordinary blue eyes.

Angels can teleport themselves and others anywhere, time travel... but they can't get past a few symbols scrawled in marker on a wall.
posted by orange swan at 9:25 PM on November 1, 2021

I feel like we’ve played this tune before. Wipe Sam’s memories and bring him back. I swear these boys never learn from their past actions.

I don’t know how all of these angels suddenly found hosts. I guess they’re trying to telegraph that they all found people of faith or prayers like the grief counsellor, but it still seems a bit suspect.
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Between the payphone guy and the grief counselor I’m enjoying how completely Dean and Castiel are maxed out beyond their ability to interact with normal people in any way. But at the beginning in the car Sam is more chillaxed while dying in a coma than possibly any time we've seen him short of chemical intervention.

There are some distractingly weird choices made for Ezekiel’s voice. I think I read somewhere that JP’s mom was an English teacher and he read Ezekiel’s lines in iambic pentameter, but I do not have the ear to pick up if that’s true.

That was a season premiere appropriate amount of exploding glass in the hospital and actually a pretty cool scene.

Oh man, Sam and Dean in the cabin. I can’t tell when Sam figures out this Dean is different from the one he sent away before, or whether he thinks this is coming from himself or his brother. I think up to that point he wants and intends to die and low-key probably has for a while. But among all of Dean’s very sincere attempts to reach him I almost missed “you’ve got to let me in” and oof, man.

Dean refusing to consider it, then being willing to do it but only if Sam agrees, then being willing to trick him but only for a little while, then agreeing to keep it a secret so Sam can’t back out…like, all of these are decisions very consistent with who Dean is and how he feels about his brother in all the good and bad ways, you can see him walk himself into every compromise, he really meant everything he said in the cabin, but it’s rough to see it play out.

Real mixed feelings knowing that any time I see season 7 again I'm going to have in my head that Sexy Raincoat Murder God is wearing the same pair of bright white boxer shorts the whole time.
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