Supernatural: Sharp Teeth
November 13, 2021 5:14 AM - Season 9, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Sam and Dean learn that Garth has joined a community of werewolves.


Garth: [to Dean and Sam] You two came busting in here like a house on fire. Guns waving, the jaw lines and the hair... it's very intimidating.

Sam: [notices the Mark of Cain on Dean's arm] What happened to your arm?
Dean: Oh. It's a... gift from Cain.
Sam: Like... the wrestler?
Dean: I wish. That would be awesome.

Dean: So, why are a bunch of werewolves wearing silver bullets around their necks?
Garth: Sorry, Dean, but we don't use the "W" word around here. We prefer the term "lycanthrope".

Sam: [referring to Garth] I'm looking for a John Doe that was admitted here a few days ago. He's a, uh... skinny, Ichabod Crane-looking kind of guy.

Garth: So, what'd I tell you? It's all good, right?
Dean: [hushed aside] Everyone here's a wolf?
Garth: Yeah.
Dean: Yeah, not all good.

Garth: Boys, this is Bess... my beloved. And, Bess, that's Dean. Now, he could start a fight in an empty house, but deep down inside, he's just a big ol' Teddy bear. And Sam here -- Sam can be a bit insecure at times, but for good reason. Bless his heart.

Dean: Anything on Gadreel?
Sam: Actually, uh, yeah. Turns out he, uh, he left some Grace in me before he bolted.
Dean: You know how wrong that sounds, right?

Dean: Why would Garth run from us?
Sam: Why haven't we heard from him for the last six months? Did you test him?
Dean: He was unconscious. No, I -- [looks around parking lot] Did he steal a car?
Sam: [finds Garth's hospital gown on the ground] Did he steal a car... naked?

Dean: Ragnarok is not just a Bible story to these nutjobs, it's an action plan. Human extinction, total and complete werewolf domination.
Sam: And... what? This is the ground-zero for their movement?
Dean: Freakin' Wisconsin, man.


In this episode, it is revealed that some werewolves are born a werewolf as opposed to being turned due to having been bitten by one.

When the closeup is shown of Dean picking the lock during the investigation of the church, he inserts the pick upside-down, which would have made picking the lock impossible.
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Garth was always his own kind of hunter, and now he's his own kind of werewolf.

Didn't it say in the first episode about werewolves that it was possible for a werewolf to be cured by killing the original wolf that turned them? But I suppose Garth wouldn't even want to be cured now that he's married to a woman who is a werewolf by birth and who can't be cured.

When the werewolf church group was singing "Bringing in the Sheaves" (an actual standard Protestant Christian hymn written in 1874), I thought they were singing "Bringing in the Sheep", which, heh.
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Sam has never struck me as insecure. Could Garth be referring to Sam's fear that he was tainted because of the whole Yellow Eyes thing?
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Yeah, Sam has a lot of self-doubt and self-loathing, and often doesn't trust himself as a result. That's a little different from what I think of as insecure, though I'm not sure I could explain how, just that Dean's mile-long terror of abandonment comes a lot closer to it.

Garth says shit like that, and I think it's meant to come off as quirky or oblivious, like that's objectively an odd way to introduce your wife to your friends! but I tend to think Garth's got quite functional emotional intelligence when he wants to use it and knows exactly what he's doing when he casually mercs someone. (This is kind of a spoiler since we won't get to it till season 15, but his names for his kids crack me up to no end.)
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Usually insecurity means that one lacks confidence in oneself in some way, i.e., in terms of one's intelligence, competence, social skills, physical attractiveness, or lovability. Sam isn't at all insecure in those ways, and he doesn't fear being alone the way Dean does. He has always had one person who loved him more than anyone or anything and was always there for him, and that's given him the emotional security to be an independent and confident adult. He also knows he's always been able to find women who would love him, and to make friends. But I think he does have some emotional fallout from having been one of Yellow Eye's chosen ones. He has said that he grew up feeling as though something was wrong with him, that he was evil. John and Dean never thought there was anything wrong with him, but it was an inborn feeling he couldn't get away from, and 22 years of that inexplicable feeling would take a serious psychological toll on anyone. He also feels considerable guilt over the mistakes he's made and the people he was unable to save.

I wouldn't call these feelings of his insecurity, but then I don't know of a pithy way to describe them, so perhaps Garth's word choice was as good as any.
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