Supernatural: Alex Annie Alexis Ann
November 20, 2021 5:27 AM - Season 9, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Sheriff Mills calls on Sam and Dean for help after she apprehends a teenage runaway who is trying to escape from a pack of vampires that abducted her as a child and consider her one of their own.


Sheriff Jody Mills: Well, shouldn't raise too many eyebrows, me being gone for a day.
Sam: Maybe, but you, uh, sure don't want backup?
Sheriff Jody Mills: You want me to enlist my men in a protection detail against vampires? Frank's still in the dark about what hit him last night. The guy still has nightmares about the barn episode of Walking Dead.

Dale: She was "too good" to turn. Mama couldn't bring herself to, no matter what we said, no matter how bad Alexis got.
Dean: Bad?
Dale: Let me guess. You never had a teenage sister.


The title "Alex Annie Alexis Ann" is likely a reference to Martha Marcy May Marlene, a 2011 movie about a young woman who leaves a cult. In this episode the characters say the four different versions of the girl's name in the same order as they were displayed in the title: Alex, Annie, Alexis, Ann.

Greyston Holt plays a vampire in this episode and has a major role as a werewolf on the show Bitten.

The vampire putting the bodies of the bus company employees into the wood chipper is reminiscent of the 1996 Coen Brothers film Fargo. Bobby also used a wood chipper to kill an Okami in "Weekend at Bobby's" (ep. 6.4).

When Alex is brought into the Sheriff's office by one of Jody's deputies she is not restrained, and she even uses her hands to try and break away from the deputy. Police officers are required to place all persons under arrest in handcuffs for the sake of both the officer's and the prisoner's safety, as it reduces the chance that the prisoner can run away or grab a weapon and harm the officer, or put the officer in the position of having to use deadly force to defend themselves.
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How would homicidal vampires (as opposed to the ethical kind Sam and Dean sometimes meet) be able to stay in the same region for years without getting caught? There would be so many murders and it would raise suspicion.
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How would homicidal vampires (as opposed to the ethical kind Sam and Dean sometimes meet) be able to stay in the same region for years without getting caught?

I think that's a question you could ask about almost any vampire story, really. If vampires are actually killing their victims, and they feed nightly, the deaths pile up REAL fast. Especially if there are multiple vampires in a given area! I have a vague memory of an article where somebody crunched the numbers and determined that if vampires worked like they do in most stories, in no time all the humans on Earth would either be dead or turned into vampires!
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Something about this title is like a read/write error in my brain, it makes more sense knowing it’s a reference but no matter how many times I see it it’s word salad ten minutes later.

I like Jody but it just feels weird to have Sam and Dean comfortably bumming around a police station with their friend the sheriff.
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The human body is about 10% blood. If Sam's 80kgs (180lbs), he's got about 8 liters of blood in him. Most people will start going into hypovolemic shock at about 15% blood loss (1.2 liters), at about 30% (2.4L) most people are in pretty dire shape, and at about 40% (3.2L) that's pretty much the end of the line.

The further along the harder it is to recover from from external factors (so when someone is admitted to ER with suspected blood loss, the first thing is an IV drip of saline to keep the volume of liquids in the circulatory system up, because the circulatory system clams up the further along).

We only see 1 and 1/2 quart jars, and an unknown amount in the bucket (for whatever reason) that the vamp taste from. So 1.5L plus whatevers in the bucket. Lets say 3L total. Sam's not getting out of that chair on his own.

I suspect he'll have cravings for liver and spinach for the next few weeks.

A liter of whole blood (plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, etc.) requires about 1400 calories to replenish plus amino acids - lots of amino acids (protein), lipids, and loads of iron; but not that much extra in carbs over a week in an American diet.

How does Dean out muscle a vampire? They must certainly not be White Wolf or Ann Rice vampires or these are weakling vamps.
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I read in the IMDb trivia for the "The Purge" episode that Jared Padalecki weighs 220. He has very low body fat, but a lot of muscle, and he's 6'4", after all. I'd guess Jensen Ackles' weight to be 180 during his time on the series.

Interestingly, this "blood calculator" says that a 6'4", 220-pound man would have 6.46 litres of blood in his body. But I'm quibbling. Your point about Sam having lost a lethal amount of blood still stands, porpoise. I do wish this show had taken more care to get medical and legal details right.

I think the idea is that Dean's currently juiced up on Mark of Cain magic. Usually vampires can fling him about like a doll.
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