Chucky: Season One
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Jake's life is already complicated. His mom died, his alcoholic father doesn't approve of his art or his sexuality, and he's constantly targeted by bullies at school including his own cousin. When he finds a Good Guy doll at a yard sale, it seems like just what he needs for his latest sculpture. What Chucky sees, though... is an apprentice.

The original (and ongoing) Child's Play film series makes its way to television. Streaming in the US on Peacock.
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Don Mancini did a fair bit of work on Hannibal during its run, and this show feels like he liked the killer/apprentice dynamic and decided to bring it to Chucky. I'm not going to argue it's prestige TV or anything, but it works better than a person has the right to expect. Enjoyable semi-comedic horror.

Always good to have Brad Dourif back. And Devon Sawa is a fun horror all-star addition, playing twins to boot.
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My absolute favorite throwaway bit is the previously-on intro at the beginning of episode 3, in which Dourif (as Chucky) growls:

"Previously, on fucking "Chucky"...
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Nice ending and a crazy setup for season two.

Seventy-two possessed Chucky dolls en route to cities across the US?

Aw, fuck yeah.
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We bought our redheaded toddler nephew a rainbow horizontal striped shirt and denim overalls with an iron-on Good Guys patch. I will report back with photos.
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S1 just dropped on Shudder. Started watching this morning.
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I am inclined to say something like "Chucky has no business being this good."

Except the thing is: Don Mancini's Chucky stuff is nearly always terrific. It's like how Weird Al makes a new record every few years and people act all surprised that it's great fun. They're always great fun, even if people can't bring themselves to take the type of material seriously enough to start expecting that.
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So I've been binging eps today as I recover from my very stressful doctor's visit yesterday. And I have to say the kiss on the bikes is so sweet. I was unprepared for that.

On the other hand, Lexi's younger sister is now a contender for most annoying child character EVAR. At the moment, she's tied with the kid from Satan's Little Helper.
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So I finished the series today. (I was traveling so I had a legitimate reason to binge.) A lot of fun and honestly I found it surprisingly brutal. I didn't expect the show to go there quite so many times. In addition, it was fantastic how the show managed to tie in so much of the movies in unexpected ways including that cute reference to Glenda.

The little girl got a little character rehab but she's still on my top five list of most annoying child characters in a horror movie/show.

Definitely excited to watch the next season.
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Just started watching this, and while it is not a cerebral masterpiece it is for sure an absolutely gleeful heap of ludicrousness that has cracked me up far more than I expected. One of the things I've noticed is that the show seems to anticipate my snarky attempts to predict its trajectory... early on I pitched an foreshadowed sight gag of a steamer trunk full of the hundreds of knives Chucky seems to kleptomaniacally pocket at all times, and was then immediately greeted by the title card of ep2 being made entirely of dancing kitchen knives.

It's interesting to me that the episodes seem absolutely cram-packed with plot beats, to the point that each episode feels like it's about twice as long as it actually is. Ash Vs Evil Dead was similar - 30-ish minute eps would contain all the ups and downs and action setpieces of a briskly paced hour-long show, and each ep of Chucky feels like a near movie-length ride on its own despite being 42-44min long or so. I thought we had binged most of the first season in one go, until I double checked and realized we were only on ep4...

Also, the scene of the detective getting stabbed in the chest with hypodermics so hard that his fingernails started bleeding cracked me up endlessly... I'm still giggling thinking about it
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