The Besties: The Hidden Gems of the Past 200-ish Episodes!
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We're celebrating our 200th episode, or at least the episode we assume is somewhere around our 200th, by talking about hidden gems of this year and the past decade, which is how long we've been doing this show, which is ... man. We need to go lie down for a while.  Games discussed include: TOEM, Eastward, Beast Breaker, Crusin Blast, Antichamber, Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, Tiny Wings, Jazzpunk, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, Walkabout Mini Golf and Cookie Clicker!
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So this episode is from 10/1/2021 and is ‚Äčtheir attempt to mark the 200th episode milestone. Has a lot of history of the pod and retrospective looks at games past. But I thought it's a good place to start as it marks the Modern Era of the pod and the history bits are a good intro to new fans. I'll continue to post the backlog (just from October though) every few days until we catch up to the current show which is once/week usually.
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Also man, Cookie Clicker, right? I played the fuck outta that game, might have to do it once more. Tiny Wings sounds fun, as does Cruisin Blast. If anyone really loves a game in here, please do make a post in A Videogame Club here on FanFare!
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