And Just Like That...: Hello It's Me
December 10, 2021 1:41 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The first episode of the Sex and the City reboot.
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Wow, it moved me. This and the second episode. I think a lot of it is because I'm the same age as these characters. I've had a longstanding friendship end. I've had someone die way too early. Hell, I'm sorry to say I know what it's like when someone dying way too young looked at me for the last time. It just all felt so real.

I'm also including: Steve needing hearing aids; Miranda clearly having an alcohol problem; Stanford and Anthony's bickering veering into ugly territory.

Shit starts to happen when you get older.
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Well, I checked FanFare at just the right time, showed up looking for this literally 2 minutes after you posted.

I just watched and needed a debrief [edit to avoid spoilers because I realised my original comment included something from ep 2]

That said... it does feel a lot like it's been written by someone who woke up from a coma in 2021. I mean, I know the show did effectively do that, but it's all a bit "contemporary life by numbers". You can pretty much see the big list on the writers' room wall of things they needed to crowbar in:

- Podcasts
- Instagram
- Peloton
- Karens

And so on.

I'd seen enough spoilers to know someone was going to die, and as soon as Carrie arrived home to an absolutely perfect reception from Big, I knew it would be him. Especially when he said he was going on his Peloton.

One thing I'm not a big enough fan to know - was that the first time we ever found out Big's actual name? I wondered before he died if we'd find it out after he'd gone, but it actually popped up on his text to Carrie. Though now I think of it, maybe we heard it when they got married or something? (Did they actually get married? Honestly my memory of the previous plotlines is pretty shaky... I know there was a whole wedding-based film but I can't remember if they actually made it).

On preview: Yes, BlahLaLa - you're right. I'm a few years younger than the SATC women but it does already have a real sense of familiarity. I'd add to your list - younger people with a lot more energy arriving in the culture doing things you could probably get to grips with if you had to, but honestly, can you really be bothered?

It also strikes me now how few TV series really delve into the reality of middle or later life rather than the cliche of it, and it's good to see, even if it was a little bit heavy-handed.
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penguin pie, I'm pretty sure the 1st time we heard Big's name -- well, saw it -- was in the last episode of the original series. She's in Paris, having a miserable time with Mikhail B., and her phone rings with a call from him and we see "John" on the screen.
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Boy I thought this was really tough to take. Every cliched topic about being old was beat half to death in every scene before moving on to some other cliched topic about being old. The extended conversation about how Samantha became their enemy because of her own long standing personality defects was cringe city. AND YET. I will watch the whole thing for sure.
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I think that’s a popular sentiment, something something :)

The rarity of seeing a much-loved TV show allowing female characters we know to age realistically (if extremely clunkily) is going to keep pulling us back however badly it’s done.

Maybe we can have one of these every decade and really follow them through the ageing process?
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The Up series with SatC characters?
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I never watched Sex and the City more than a few times. My SO is a fan. We watched this, and she was very upset; we both were upset. We're a decade younger than Carrie, but I'm a stage four cancer survivor, and my SO has serious health concerns. I think we're both aware of what could happen. I didn't expect something that felt that real to happen in a show that seems...well...otherwise kinda light.
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