Station Eleven: Goodbye My Damaged Home
January 6, 2022 12:07 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

On a journey to unravel her deepest trauma, Kirsten goes back to the apartment she once shared with Jeevan and Frank.
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This show has been blowing me away, particularly since this episode. I hovered between posting a full season thread and individual episodes and settled on posting the three most recent episodes, all of which I found powerfully magnificent.
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I'm in love with this show. I'm literally having an affair with it at 2:00 AM CST every Thursday when new episodes drop.
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My partner can testify that I was literally shaking through the majority of this episode. They have moved so far from the book's plotline that I am expecting almost anything to happen...what a brilliantly acted piece of work. And Matilda Lawler is so utterly believable.

The call back to the Lizst-- the piece that Sara was playing at the end of the last but one episode-- was I thought poignant, but I saw one recap that speculated that this meant the apartment that Jeevan wandered into was actually her apartment, which I find way too on the nose. But I did like the call back at the very beginning of the episode, with Kirsten lying in a circle of dead men, to the opening of the series and the overhead shot of Arthur Leander lying on the stage surrounded by the medics and actors.
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So good.

I love the entire ensemble, especially this condo crew, but Matilda Lawler is just incredible in every frame.

And, as I commented after episode 3, the music direction is insanely good. Tribe Called Quest out of nowhere for the most joyful 20 seconds seen on TV in memory.
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While I'm loving this show, I don't have any deeper insights. only trivial ones.
1. I doubt the other apartment Jeevan enters and takes the radio from is Sarah/the composer 's. If she thought La Campenella was impossible pre-pan I'd be hard pressed to see how she either didn't take the sheet music to practice or never felt daunted by it in the first place. As she rips it off, for funsies, 20 years later, I wouldn't guess she felt daunted. ever.
2. It is simply not that fucking cold in Chicago for 80 days straight. Mostly. Okay, sure I realize that i'm writing this during an especially low dip in daily high temps, and there's anomalies and ironies within the past decade that could prove me wrong, but I'm still feeling a bit of city slander when confronted with an arctic tundra out the lake shore tower windows that seems unchanged for 80+ days. 60 days, okay sure, but 80? chicago mefites, back me up we don't all just freeze for 3 months
3. Of course you stick to the great lakes, post-pan, these are the best source of clean water possible. (I haven't read the book, so perhaps this has been made more explicit.
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I've really been enjoying the pacing so far - it is so well done that the "slow" interludes that offer so much is rewarding my rationing the show even more than the release schedule dictates.

Normally I quibble about liberties with non-fictional aspects of fiction, but I'm sold that shit-goes-down and I'm just soaking up the storytelling.

Thanks Cold Lurkey, I've been on the fence about checking the book (because its about as believable as the average zombie flick) but you tipped me over to find out.

But yeah, I could rationalize the 80 day freeze a year or few after the humanity culling event because of equilibrium shocks in response to civilization-scale anthropogenic influences disappearing within a year especially with microclimates, and that things return to somewhat "normal" a decade later. But not during the same year.

The characters wouldn't know, but given the interconnected ventilation system, onset of symptoms, it would have been safe to investigate at least the same floor (if not most) of the tower safely long long before. And handguns. Because America.

I tire of young actors easily, but Lawler is great. I wonder what kind of mentorship she got and if Davis had a hand in it.
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I can’t deal with this it’s so good and hurts so much
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I cried like a baby during this episode. Hit a soft spot for me.
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I'm re-watching now, and caught a theater-nerd joke at the end of the first act that has me howling. Nine minutes in, Young Kirsten goes to bed the first night she and Jeevan have come to Frank's apartment. Alone now for the first time, Jeevan and Frank stare out the window and Frank asks, "how was King Lear?" in the cadence of the famous theater punchline "but other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"
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