Station Eleven: Dr. Chaudhary
January 6, 2022 12:10 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Jeevan and Kirsten survive their first winter alone, until an argument sends Jeevan on an unexpected path.
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It has been a very long time since a TV show made me cry this much
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And to add: absolutely incredible way to fill in the blanks in Jeevan's story. Just a beautiful yarn.
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I love this show. As soon as it's finished, I'll bet I start watching it again.
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I agree. When I heard this was a feel-good apocalyptic pandemic series I was skeptical, but god do I love it. And it's always happy tears. The birthing center, for example. When it first appeared I figured out immediately that it would lead to tears and it did. This is an amazing series, and I can't believe it's not getting more attention.
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BTW, we know there's going to be a Jeevan and Kirsten reunion because we know that Kirsten ends up with the graphic novel. And we know it's going to make us cry.
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We've already seen Kirsten get the graphic novel back in a previous episode. She picks it up off the ground where Jeevan was rescued by the pregnant snowmobiler in the old timeline.
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I'm wondering about a Jeevan and Kirsten reunion, where's he off to making that house call? It feels like if they stayed in the great lakes region that word of the traveling symphony would have gotten around and Jeevan would have seen her already in the past 20 years?
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Oh, my memory is going to shit.
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I've been enjoying the show also. The changes from the book, which I've read twice, once pre and once peri pandemic, work well. Jeevan and Frank are such wonderful characters. I loved the connections in this episode. We found out poor Rose existed and was actually related to Tyler in some way (he had previously referred to her as his wife), Rose's daughter is named Alexandra the Great by the doctor (maybe this is Alex?) and the doctor is named Deborah (maybe where St. Deborah by the Water got the name?) If that's the case then surely Jeevan has been close to the route the Symphony takes this whole time. And we do know that the Conductor is very ill and in need of a doctor.
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I read this book maybe 2 years ago (liked it) and I am continually amazed at what a wonderful job they are doing with it. maybe some would find the pace slow but I feel that the contemplative moods are important, there are so many feels. its really beautiful. my husband has not read the book but he is also completely loving the show.
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What I really like about this show is how different each episode is; each one is a mini-movie instead of being just a continuation of the previous one. The visual styles and music are even different in different episodes.

I loved this one and was happy to find out what happened to Jeevan; I have a feeling that they're going to withhold a cathartic reunion from us but we'll find out next week.
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What I really like about this show is how different each episode is

Yes! To me, this is a more important difference than the plot changes (which I don't mind (and even enjoy thinking about)).
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Jeremy Podeswa is an amazing director and probably where some of that is coming from.

We never caught up with Miranda did we?
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I’m so happy Jeevan pulled a Sidney Briar
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Also I agree that it’s weird for them to be all around the same lake but Kirsten never hears about this lovely Dr Chaudhri at the birthing center and hospital?
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Oh apparently it was Hiro Murai who was the lead director not Podeswa
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There is a Station Eleven companion podcast available. Haven't listened yet but may do a re-watch and listen as I go.
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The podcast has been good so far but for some reason they aren't keeping up with the show -- they have only gotten up to episode four!
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