Video games of 2022 -- release calendar hype machine
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What's upcoming or just-released that you're really looking forward to?

I figure we'll just add to this through the year. :)
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First up for me: OlliOlli World.
posted by curious nu at 7:26 AM on January 11, 2022

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.
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At the risk of cursing us all: Breath of the Wild 2.

And also:
- Triangle Strategy
- Forbidden West
- Picross S7
- Sports Story
- Metal Slug Tactics
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Forbidden West

gonna wait for reviews about Saint's Row and Tiny Tina

But mostly Starfield
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2022 games I am anxiously awaiting:

Forbidden West
Forbidden West
Pokemon Legends: Arceus (but that's coming in just a couple of weeks)
Forbidden West
Forbidden West
Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Forbidden West
Forbidden West
Skull and Bones, maybe?

and Forbidden West.

I'm also super excited to take delivery of my Playdate in "early 2022" (I'm in Group 1) and, if I'm lucky, my "after Q2 2022" Steam Deck.
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I've been anticipating Kerbal Space Program 2 since before I bought Kerbal Space Program. Like BOTW2 it's hovering around the "very likely to be delayed into 2023" list but I'm hoping it won't be.
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I'm not sure how recently it was released, but Gordians Quest is to be avoided if you have any plans with your life.
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I am also excited about Forbidden West, but I haven’t even played the Frozen Wilds DLC yet. Well, I got as far as getting Aloy’s butt thoroughly kicked by the first new machine you encounter on the path. Need to get back to that.
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My wishlist for the year:

Little Kitty, Big City
Frostpunk 2
Dune: Spice Wars

I'm very much enjoying Red Dead Redemption 2 right now, and I think God of War will be next on deck.
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ejs: I got as far as getting Aloy’s butt thoroughly kicked by the first new machine you encounter on the path

Yeah, the Scorchers are really REALLY bad news. Wait 'til you see the ice bears, though.
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Wait 'til you see the ice bears

Having just watched The Revenant for the first time I can think of no more terrifying concept than “ice bears.”
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I'm a little stalled out in the Frozen Wilds DLC and should dig back into that. I'd love to play Forbidden West but I'll have to wait for that to hit PC.

Some of the other things I'm looking forward that are prooobably coming out this year:

Spirit Swap
Whisker Squadron (which is just Race the Sun skinned as Star Fox which yes absolutely)

Bunch of other stuff on my Steam wishlist is "TBD" or "~when it's ready~" so we'll see about those.
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I finally reinstalled Horizon: Zero Dawn on my PS4 to play Frozen Wilds in anticipation of Forbidden West, and discovered that the only game saves that made it onto the cloud before I needlessly wiped my hard drive in an attempt to fix a hardware problem were from the very beginning of the game. So I basically can’t play Frozen Wilds unless I replay all of H:ZD again, and that feels like too onerous a task to undertake. Maybe I’ll reconsider, but at least on my second playthrough I won’t feel the need to collect every Metal Flower and Ancient Vessel.
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A little surprised no one here seems to be excited about forbidden West. TW for poor attempts at humor. Tiny Tina's Wonderland, Diablo 4, and Baldur's Gate 3 are what I'm excited about. I'm also thinking about getting a VR headset and playing VR Sniper Elite, and (of course) VR Resident Evil 4. I got the chance to play a little VR Res E 4, and it was awesome.
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