Critical Role: Make It Fashion
February 9, 2022 10:37 AM - Season 3, Episode 12 - Subscribe

The group readies themselves for the ball while beginning to piece together a cryptic puzzle of criss-crossing threads of fate...
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Dorian's airship! Witches be bitches!
posted by fiercekitten at 9:15 PM on February 10, 2022

Marwa is amazing and should be protected at all costs.
posted by dinty_moore at 8:42 AM on February 15, 2022

Loved the airship too!
Am intrigued by Marwa. Quite a unique character. Could she become as important to the story as Gilmore was? Might be a bit young and inexperienced to be as useful as Gilmore was.
This was quite a gentle episode. I've seen some speculation that this campaign has a lot less fighting than the previous 2.
I wonder if that's going to continue going forward?
posted by Zumbador at 8:16 PM on February 15, 2022

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