I Blame Society (2020)
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A struggling filmmaker realizes that the skill set to make a movie is the same to commit the perfect murder.

Currently streaming in the US on Shudder.
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I should note this is also streaming free on Tubi.


Portrait of the artist as a young psychopath.

But it's a comedy! Really, it's a satire... of the myopia and narcissism of a would-be auteur. Did she become a murderer because the remove and pretensions of her filmmaking disassociated her from normal human empathy? Or did she become a filmmaker because it hid that lack of empathy behind an "artist's perspective"? Honestly, the filmmaker may be arguing the two things are fairly similar to begin with.

All of the footage being generated by a clumsy filmmaker with home grade equipment on the fly, it's not the most visual movie. But the writing is wicked and writer-director-star Horvat has an absolute blast being awful here.
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This movie is chock full of things that will annoy people: found footage; wildly narcissistic and unsympathetic protagonist (particularly since people seem to have less patience for unsympathetic female characters); awkward naturalistic indie movie vibes, mixed loosely with horror.
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