Anatomy: A Love Story
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A YA love story set in 19th-century Scotland, where a willful female surgeon in training and a resurrection man (who sells bodies for a living) uncover buried secrets together.

From "Noble Blood" podacster and writer Dana Schwartz, who "wrote the YA romance she always wanted to read." The Reese Witherspoon Book Club Winter pick for 2022.
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I enjoyed this book, and thought it was an entertaining and wholesome tale, despite the gruesome setting. Had some issues with some of the plotting and the unexpected ending, but will definitely read a potential sequel!
posted by gemmy at 7:15 PM on February 19, 2022

The cover art on this book is just exquisite.
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It took a few weeks for my hold on this audiobook to come up, but I recommend that version to anyone who likes audiobooks. The narration is good, and prevented me from having to do a terrible Scottish accent in my head as I read (even my imaginary accents are rubbish, ymmv).

Also, the audiobook comes with a bonus interview between the author Dana Schwarz and the main narrator Mhairi Morrison that I found to be worthwhile. (Interesting detail about altering the plot slightly to avoid any possible anti-vaccine implications!)

I appreciated that the story did not downplay the gruesomeness of early surgical attempts, and I thought Schwartz did a good job of melding some accurate historical details with some more outlandish scientific possibilities in her plot.

Also, there is definitely a bit of a romance between Hazel and Jack, but the love story is clearly Hazel's love of medicine, which I appreciated as well.
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