The Righteous Gemstones: I Will Tell of All Your Deeds
February 28, 2022 3:30 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

While the Gemstones celebrate the launch of Zion’s Landing, Baby Billy faces a chance to embrace fatherhood.
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Initial thoughts: after episode 8, I had no idea how they were going to wrap up all the loose ends in one episode, but WOW they stuck the landing and then some. I'm consistently blown away by this show.
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So pretty much as suspected, with a couple extra fun twists, like the Lissons selling out the competition. Also, flashbangs: never not funny. BJ's "I'd love nothing more" line to Judy towards the end was very good (I had to pause to laugh for a bit).

A quick wrapup can feel a little anticlimactic, but it was wall-to-wall fun. Glad the timeshare venture still went through; wouldn't want the characters to veer to far into "not scam artist" territory.

Kelvin is a fantastic naïf; the scene with the teenage boys pumping iron and Keefe trying to get Kelvin not to take them all to the desert sans chaperones... 😗👌 Adam DeVine absolutely nails the pure innocence thing to where you don't even suspect he has ulterior motives; he's just sheltered and dense.
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the secret thing is, everybody goes to heaven, even science guys
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The Gemstones not only stuck the landing, they also took over Zion's Landing. Well done.

It was a nice arc with Eli. He's still a bastard but he did make amends with his children and Junior. I guess in the HBO horrible father sweepstakes I'd rather have him as a dad than Logan Roy or Tywin Lannister.
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Edi Patterson is the funniest person on cast for me. Last season, it was simultaneously funny and bleak that Judy was so intent on performing when it's really not her skill. This episode, I loved learning that Judy is absolutely the worst singer of all her siblings. If she ever realized, she would be furious.

They absolute strike just the right note with Eli. He does seem like a more godly person than his kids -- but also, one does not acquire a prosperous Christian-themed empire without being cutthroat. If anything, the cheerful musical send-off is a sinister reminder that if you believe strongly enough in the redemptive power of the Lord, you can do some truly heinous things (and never think about them again).

Was that a goodbye ep for Skyler Gisondo? He always seems very busy, but I don't know if that's because he just happens to do a bunch of projects that get promoted to my demographic.
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One thing I really enjoyed this episode was the opening with one of Gideon's movie stunts and the ending sequence involving the attempted stunt from the Young Guns scene in which someone is thrown out of a house in a box and comes up shooting. It felt like a wink at the audience about some of the more ridiculous shenanigans this season - do not try this at home, kids.
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Son of a gun! A toilet baby?
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the opening with one of Gideon's movie stunts

It was so weird for them to make this very overt callout to both Gideon's stuntwork and very clearly making sure that he'd be at the launch event - I spent the entire time during the final showdown expecting him to show up and do some Stunt Stuff, but it never landed. I'm not sure I even remember seeing him in a shot during the general party scenes.
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This show is a must watch for us, but my partner (whose father is a Southern Baptist preacher of the worst kind and who spent his teens living on a Southern Baptist seminary) pointed out that ministers will say and do horrible things, but they don’t swear.
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Amen jeoc. They might swear in private. At least for televangelists / non denominational mega church leaders like the Gemstones. But they would never ever swear in any situation where the “flock” could hear them. That would get them cancelled almost instantly. And for those like the Baptists, they probably wouldn’t curse even behind closed doors. None of the Baptists I knew would do that. No matter how corrupt.

I like this show. Think it hits greatness sometimes. But it does get parts of the culture very wrong sometimes. One thing they got right was the marriage counseling session at the end. Where that poor woman was gaslighted into returning to her shithead husband. That’s a very common thing in churches.

I’ll keep watching Gemstones whenever season 4 airs. But I hope the increasing presence of exvangelicals and #EmptyThePews will lead to a series written by people who were there. It would be possible to be accurate while still preserving the comedy. Accuracy would probably increase both the horror and laughs.
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